Around the world in eighty months



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One of the vessels aboard the ship is a center console Triton that the mothership's four-ton crane can lift from the deck and lower into the water. On the rainy afternoon of the day after Fischer's crew took possession of the Triton, they practice just that maneuver while at the dock.

With McBride at the controls and five others pitching in, they hook the boat to the steel cradle and carefully guide it up and over the edge. Francis unhooks the straps, and what had been deck clutter is a seafaring dreadnaught.

"Just like that: Triton ready to whack 'em," Fischer says, almost giddy.

Before that boat has seen its last, it will have fished the reefs and structure that a larger boat can't safely reach, as well as fish areas where no fishing boat its size has gone. Ditto for the Cabo: in fair seas, a massive forklift will drop it into the drink. As the mothership plows along, it can explore until depleted, then climb back on board.

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