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Do you have a hunting question for Tom Miranda? Click here to Email it to Tom. Every other week Tom will be answering a selection of your questions in this space. Here are this week's answers.

Safety Strapped

Q: When I'm bowhunting with a climbing stand I always use my safety strap when I'm climbing. When I reach my desired height, how can I attach the safety strap to the tree so that I can facew the tree, without the strap being in my way all the time?

A: You can't. The safety strap must always be higher than you so if you fall it's not far. The harness is designed to have the tether in the middle of your back. If you want to face the tree the tether rope will be over your shoulder.

The nose knows

Q: What is a deer's best sense sight: smell or hearing?

A: Smell, by far. You can stay still with a buck staring right at you and he won't spook. You can rattle sticks and call in a buck to within touching distance, but if he smells you, he's gone.

African bowhunting

Q: I've been hunting with a rifle for years, having taken elephant, buffalo and most of the game our country has to offer. Recently I purchased a compound bow to hunt impala, warthogs and other small to medium game. I feel that I'm still too inexperienced to use a bow on any of the big five. Can you advise me on which broadhead is best to use on the small to medium game I mentioned. Bowhunting is still very new here in Zimbabwe.

A: For southern Africa small to medium game a 100 to 125-grain broadhead is sufficient. I like the durability of the Muzzy 125 grain, three blade — it's tops.

Brush busting

Q: I hunt on land that is covered with thick brush that makes it almost impossible to find deer. Could you recommend something to make it easier?

A: Thick brush is tough. Deer like interspersion and open crop areas. Look for trails that cross or parallel the timber. Skidder roads are ideal — set up there or off trails that lead to crops.

Buck sample

Q: I harvested a 10-point last season and collected his urine for use this bow season. I plan on using it for a cover scent around my stands. Do you think this will alarm deer, or will it raise their curiosity?

A: Urine is a great fear eliminator. It should help.

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