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Do you have a hunting question for Tom Miranda? Click here to Email it to Tom. Every other week Tom will be answering a selection of your questions in this space. Here are this week's answers.

West Nile Virus

Q: What can a deer hunter do to protect himself from West Nile Virus?

A: Consider a Bug Tamer suit and use bug dope. Robinson Laboratories makes some repellant that's earth scented.

Attractant scents

Q: I'm thing about using some kind of deer attractant this season. What would you suggest?

A: The Tom Miranda signature series 'Buck Lure Supreme' by Hunter's Specialties is top-notch and available at sporting good stores.

Buck fever

Q: How do you prevent 'buck fever' from taking over when your sights settle on the buck of a lifetime?

A: Buck fever is anxiety. Concentrate on the task at hand by picking a spot on the deer to look at (not the antlers). Think about getting in position and making the shot. Closing the deal can be tough, but the more you're around deer in the stand, the easier it will become.

Quiver choice

Q: Who makes the backpack quiver you use in your hunts?

A: I use several, but the one you're asking about is homemade. The pack is a Brookwood Bow Pack, available at Cabela's, with a bow quiver attached by me.

Hunter pressure

Q: How should I deal with other hunters in the woods? I have had problems with other hunters who yell and scream at me for passing them in the woods while getting to my stand.

A: Sounds like you need a farm with sole permission to hunt. Get out and talk to some farmers. If you accidentally walk by a hunter's stand, just say "sorry" and ask him if anyone else is hunting nearby.

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