Day One: Notes and Quotes


INDIANAPOLIS — Here is our collection of notes and quotes from Day One on the 2008 ATA show floor.

Mitchell Schmitz, Extreme Outdoor Products

Describing his unique Illuminator Pro bow sight that helps hunters keep the same anchor points no matter the shot distance or sight pin used: "It's great for beginners; it's great for those who have been shooting bows for years. It basically solves every problem that a bowhunter is going to encounter. It makes you anchor the same way every time because it's got two precise alignment points. You've got to line them up and in order to do that, you've got to be at the same reference point."

Jonathan Hart, Sitka Gear

President and founder of this high-tech hunting clothing company that took the market by storm last year, Jonathan Hart indicates that the new Sitka Celsius Series addresses deer hunters in addition to western big game hunters: "The Celsius Series, most specifically, focuses on the stand hunter, something that our line last year didn't address as well as it should have. When you are looking at temperatures falling below zero, it maximizes (the) breath-ability of the fabric that you potentially lose when you go to a membrane waterproof/breathable fabric."

Jared Schlipf, Lone Wolf Portable Treestands

A passionate bowhunter from the big buck country surrounding Peoria, Illinois, Jared Schlipf is the president of the well-known treestand company that Andrae D'Acquisto founded. And he's just as passionate about the innovative products that the company makes: "I've always told everyone that if there was a way that I could get a set of Lone Wolf climbing sticks into a box of Cheerios where everyone would have a chance to use them one time, they'll never go back to anything else. I'm that passionate about that product and I believe in it that strongly."

Harold Knight, Knight & Hale Game Calls

"I don't know how people come up with all of this new stuff."

Chuck Adams, World Renowned Bowhunter

Perhaps the best bowhunter of all-time, Chuck Adams was all smiles when talking about his 2007 bowhunting efforts: "I had a great hunting season in '07. I shot six record book animals (including) a bull elk that scored well over 400 inches, three giant mule deer, and some other critters. It was good."

Chuck Adams, Big Elk Specialist

"It's a non-typical, a 6X8. It won't challenge the non-typical world record with Pope & Young. That record is completely out of sight – I think it's over 440. But it's a nice bull, anything that scores over 400 inches of raw bone is a good animal."

Bobby Cole, Mossy Oak Biologic and Novel Author

New author Bobby Cole on his forthcoming release next month entitled The Dummy Line: "This is kind of an interesting deal that I've been working on for the last three years. It's a fictitious story about a guy and his daughter. It's set in the south and they are in a turkey hunting camp and it's late one night and they were waiting on their buddies to show up and nobody shows up. They go to bed and they are a little anxious. They hear somebody drive up and the guy gets up and looks out the window thinking it's his friends and it's not. It's some drug dealers that have come to make a drug deal and so the rest of the story is that he protects his daughter and they survive the rest of the night with the stuff in his turkey vest."

Bill Winke, Whitetail Deer Hunting Expert

Well known Iowa deer hunting writer Bill Winke on where the next world record whitetail buck may hail from: "Boy, that's a good question. I was just talking to someone today and the biggest deer that that person had ever seen in their life – and he's a very knowledgeable hunter – was in Indiana. I remember that the biggest photo that I've ever seen of a deer was from Virginia. But, you have to say that the odds favor the Midwest or Canada. Year in and year out, the averages are higher there. But those really giant deer are freaks and they can show up just about anywhere. It wouldn't surprise me if it came out of Kentucky, if it came out of Oklahoma, or places that people might not figure as the absolute premiere destination for giant deer, but because they are just a fluke anyway, they can pop up anywhere."

David Blanton, Realtree Outdoors

ESPN Outdoors television personality David Blanton on what viewers can expect this fall on the nation's most popular hunting show: "Hopefully the most exciting hunts that you've ever seen on television…again!"