The Dakota Duck March


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I have often thought that, pound-for-pound, the toughest critter on planet earth is a hardcore duck hunter or a United States Marine. Both are often surrounded by misery, but somehow seem to thrive when their environment is at its worst.

Foots, being a proud member of both fraternities, was not to be deterred by something as simple as a heart attack. He applied the tactic of hitting himself several times in the chest, performing some form of self-imposed defibrillation. He was successful in not dying while still in his homeland.

It was suggested to Foots to delay his maiden journey to North Dakota, but he was unconvinced and that was out of the question. We as duck hunters totally understood. We agreed that dying while duck hunting was a much better option than dying in such commonplace as an area hospital.

But you can only imagine our concern. We couldn't have him kicking the bucket in North Dakota and messing up our duck hunting.

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