2008 Deer Season: Hawaii


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ESPNOutdoors.com rating (1-10): ?

2007 harvest: N/A

Sq. Miles: 10,931

Deer/ sq. mile harvested in 2007: N/A

2008 Outlook:

Deer hunting in Hawaii occurs on four of the major islands. Kauai has a modest population of blacktail deer, while Maui, Molokai and Lanai all sport axis deer.

A Department of Forestry and Wildlife representative was quick to point out that 99% of deer are found on private land such as golf courses.

"What we see happen is for landowners to purchase a Wildlife Control Permit," said the representative. "The landowner can then get their own hunters to take the deer, which would otherwise damage their property."

The hunters take the deer for food and necessity rather than sport.

"Regular hunters can take any deer on public land," said the representative. "Hunting is allowed on Saturdays, Sundays and state holidays."

In addition, some areas require special permits to hunt, which can be difficult to obtain. Hunters need to make sure they are fully aware of all regulations and requirements for hunting.

The Hawaii Division of Forestry and Wildlife website has an important notice for potential hunters:

"Unfortunately, many hunters don't plan or research their hunting trips before traveling to Hawaii and are turned away at the license agent's counter because they were unaware of this license requirement. As always, with any hunting trip, know before you go!"

To fully prepare yourself for hunting in Hawaii, visit the Hawaii Division of Forestry and Wildlife website by clicking here.

— Rob Russow