Live fishing trip


There is no substitute for being out on a boat, in the ocean, chasing your choice of game fish, but we're doing our best to narrow the gap.

On Friday, June 11, ESPNOutdoors.com is will broadcast a 100 percent live saltwater fishing trip at Englewood Beach just north of Boca Grande Pass. At around 7 a.m. ET, we'll start fishing for tarpon with brothers Greg and Bryan Watts.

The Watts brothers have won more than their fair share of the highest level fishing tournaments.

Everything about the broadcast will be authentic. There will be no editing, no setups, and no way of knowing exactly what will happen.

Depending on weather and activity, the show will end at around noon ET. It will air on the same page as ESPN Outdoors Saltwater Web TV, here.

Feel free to ask questions that they will answer live in the comments section on this page.