The Horizon Effect


VENICE, La. -- Go back and look at newsreels for 2010 and the story of the year revolved around the Deepwater Horizon oil spill.

It will be that way forever.

The nation and most of the world counted down the days until the oil spewing into the Gulf of Mexico was stemmed. It took a total of 87 days. And during that time this area of Louisiana was at the top of every newscast and newspaper.

Since that 87th day news on the oil spill and its impacts have been sparse.

Prior to that, sportsmen, who have enjoyed what the Louisiana Marsh can offer, worried about what would happen to one of the most precious hunting and fishing areas in the world. ESPN Outdoors covered that spill during the height of those concerns with the only national outdoor coverage of its kind.

Now that things are quiet, we're back in the Louisiana Marsh and the Gulf of Mexico. For the next few days ESPN Outdoors will be taking a better look at what the marsh and the gulf have to offer after 87 days of oil spilling into and around it.

This isn't a news trip. This is a fishing trip and this blog will be about the things that are important to our readers: Is the fishing still great? What's biting? Where? And is this destination still worthy of being on your bucket list?