2009 Competitors



Brad Sears

Jan. 21, 1985

Des Arc, Arkansas

University of Arkansas-Monticello

Year in school:

Wildlife Management and Forestry

Favorite STIHL TIMBERSPORTS discipline:
Standing Block Chop

Training Routine:
Chop and cut up cants and wood three times a week. I practice all my disciplines once a day three times a week. I practice on sweetgum wood so the wood is not as soft, which helps me improve on lines and speed, so when I get to cut pine, I go through and cut the wood faster and more precise.

How long have you been competing in lumberjack sports?
Three years

Baseball, cooking BBQ, duck and deer hunting, fishing with family and friends and going to the river and lake with family and friends.

Do you participate in any nonprofit work?

Yes, I participate in CTS at my church as a coach helping kids put God first in their life while having fun in the community and in their lives. We also go out and do yard work for people in the community that are not able to. I also participate in Toys - for - Tots campaign. We collect toys for sick children and take them the Arkansas Children's Hospital during Christmas time for the children whose families are far away and are constrained by their child being sick. I also do the run for the Ronald Reagan foundation to help raise money for Alzheimer's patients. These activities are also done by my fraternity Tau Kappa Epsilon.

Interesting Fact(s):
I am also the only person in history to win the axe throwing competition three years in a row at the Southern Forestry Conclave 2005, 2006, and 2007.

I have done many different sports while in college. I played college baseball for 2 1/2 years but got injured and also was a cheerleader at my college for the remaining 2 1/2 years. I have always loved sports and have been very competitive. My friends and fellow teammates, both in lumberjack sports and college, pick on me all the time about me being a cheerleader, but they don't talk anymore after I beat them on the wood, chopping or sawing! It's all in good fun! I am glad that I picked up an axe one day and tried out chopping wood.