To sleep, perchance to dream ...


GILBERTSVILLE, Ky. — Earlier in the Bassmaster Elite Series, I would have loved to have had an idea Paul Elias was going to blow up on Falcon and create the unbelievable story he did.

I would have spent the night before thinking of legends of this bass fishing game and how cool it would be for him to do what he would ultimately do. I doubt seriously anyone dreamed of the outcome that played out, not even Elias.

If you don't know what I'm talking about, watch this video, created especially for the occasion.

Two days into this Elite Series event on Kentucky Lake, I have the luxury of dreaming a bit: Just look at the standings and think of the possibilities.

I'm a huge KVD fan. Who isn't? The man carries the deserved respect he gets the world over with an attitude that almost seems too good to be true.

He's leading this event, which is no surprise. But sitting not too far back is Rick Clunn, the guy, who along with guys like Elias, Denny Brauer and Larry Nixon, ushered the excitement into this sport. That said, it's obvious I'm an old school guy. Can't deny it. Won't, either.

I've had the luxury of sitting ringside at two of Clunn's Classic victories, both of VanDam's and Brauer's and remember, God forbid, rooting against Nixon but understandably for Ricky Green in the 1983 Classic.

(If that doesn't date you, what does?)

I'm good with that. During all those years, I've seen some exciting fishing.

But I can't remember ever looking forward to the match-up that could be shaping up in this event. It's the old guard versus the new one: Mix in a little Elias and Terry Scroggins, and you have a recipe for one of bass fishing's truly amazing match-ups.

(This is better than the Celtics versus the Lakers. This is Arnie, Nicholas, Mickelson and Tiger, all mixed up into a crazy foursome.)

Who in the fishing world wouldn't be excited about seeing that?

Generally, as a journalist I'm not supposed to have favorites. But as a fishing fan and part-time human, I can't help but hope this foursome materializes.

If it does, I won't be rooting for one of them (even though KVD is on my fantasy team). I will instead be rooting for the sport of bass fishing — very few things would do more for infusing excitement into this game than an outcome pitting that foursome against each other in a final-day duel.

Even us old-school guys have a right to dream a little ... if we could just sleep through the night.