Kevin Short: Home boy


Pundit — A professed expert in a particular field, as called upon to provide comment or opinion in the media.

That's what wiktionary.com has down for the third definition of the word. Check it out here. I couldn't find a definition for bass pundits. Guess that's a little too small-time for the rest of the world.

So these bass pundits have it in their brains that K-Pink might have a go at catching a few bass here on Lake Dardanelle this week. Pretty interesting to see who picked Yours Truly to do well. Just as interesting to note is who didn't have me on their list. Who loves ya, baby? If you haven't already, check it out here: Pundit's Picks and here: Preview.

Good stuff. Well, mostly good stuff. Not sure about that "Pink Panini" crap? Where did that steaming load come from? "Pretty in Pink"? Wasn't that a movie in the 80's with that redhead from the Brat Pack that I never can remember her name? You know the one I'm talking about. She was in the other 80's movie where they spent the day in the library in detention. Can't remember the name of that one either.

Aside from the freaky monikers, it's all good here on the shores of Lake Dardanelle, which is basically a wide spot in the Arkansas River. Dardanelle is really not very kind to anyone — very temperamental — even those who live right here and fish it every day of the week. Being a part of the Arkansas River, the flows and water levels are subject to change on an almost daily basis, sometimes even hourly. She can be pretty darn hard to get along with at times. Don't look for this week to be any different.

Adding to the river-system fluctuations is the fact that the entire Arkansas River is seeing a shortage of threadfin shad due in large part to the fact that last season saw unusually high flows beginning just before the major push of threadfin to spawn and continuing through the month of October. This is according to one of the biologists on Lake Dardanelle who would know such things.

Threadfin throughout much of the Arkansas River are a major staple in the diet of bass up to around 3.5 pounds. Once a bass gets 3.5-4 pounds in weight, they are able to handle the larger gizzard shad that are common throughout the river system. Bad thing — there's not a huge number of 4-pound and larger fish in the river system. Sure, there are in some places, but not in large numbers. Also a shortage of the sub-4-pounders also, due to the fact that they are short on food. Fish kill? Not really, though we have lost fish that have most likely starved.

Tough times on the river.

With all that in mind, the Diamond Drive will be one of those events for us where every bite is critical and every fish will count. The man who hoists the hardware on Sunday afternoon will have worked his butt off, adapted to changes each of the four days, and earned every ounce of bass that he passes to Trip Weldon to be weighed.

I expect Dardanelle to be a grinder's delight. I like it like that; love the tough ones. Wish we went to more fisheries that were what I consider "reality" lakes. Falcon, Amistad, Erie and the like are not reality lakes. Reality on those bodies of water is blown way out of proportion. They're bass-on-steroids bodies of water that are like fishing in a dream. It's surreal to spend a few days on lakes like Falcon or Erie; it's just not supposed to be that good.

I've always thought that our average fan can relate to a tough tournament easier than they can to catching 132 pounds for 20 bass. 132 pounds for four days is just plain wacky nu-nu.

Home field advantage? Hmm, that usually doesn't exist in this game. Might come into play this week, but I look for the bite to be equally tough on all of us. This won't be a "gimme" derby where we can roll down the bank throwing left and right and catching a keeper every other cast. It's not going down like that. I can't wait.

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