Clash Quotes, Vol. 4


"That's the crown jewel of bass fishing, as far as I'm concerned."
Skeet Reese, who will be trying to win the Toyota Tundra Angler of the Year title in the Elite Series final event this season, on Lake Toho, Fla., Sept. 13-16. He now leads second-place Kevin VanDam by 108 points, after entering this tournament with a 20-point margin.

"I'm tired of second. Second sucks."
Skeet Reese, on finally winning a Bassmaster event after having recorded seven second-place finishes, including four on the Elite Series in the last 365 days.

"The next time I come back here, I'll be dead last."
Skeet Reese, on the fact that in the last five Bassmaster events on the Potomac, he's chronologically moved up the leaderboard, from fifth to fourth to third to second to first.

"Bigger baits always mean bigger fish. Small baits will catch big fish, too, but when you're really targeting big fish, use big baits."
Kelly Jordon, on the large Lake Fork Craw Tube he used to help him catch both the big bass (5-2) and the big bag (17-12) Sunday.

"That looks bigger on TV doesn't it. That looks like a five-pounder. I think I got cheated back there."
Boyd Duckett, joking about the television replay of him landing about a 2 1/2-pound bass Sunday.

"I did this just for the camera."
Randy Howell, joking about a replay of him having to hand-line a fish to the boat after the reel came off his rod when he set the hook on a 2 1/4-pound bass.

"That's a pretty good little trip, isn't it?"
Matt Reed, on his move up the leaderboard from 64th place Thursday to third place Sunday.

"That's pretty crazy."
Chris Lane, on the fact that he beat bass fishing legends Denny Brauer and Rick Clunn in finishing fifth at the Capitol Clash. Lane and his two brothers grew up watching Brauer and Clunn on TV and dreamed of competing on the pro circuit one day.

"I thought I might zero in this tournament."
Britt Myers, on his prospects for this event after three tough days of practice. Myers finished 12th and won $12,300.

"I knew the Classic was on the line and I just fished my tail off today. I was fortunate enough to get some bites."
Davey Hite, who salvaged the Maryland trip with a 15-4 Day Two, putting him in 36th place going in to Saturday's action.

"It took me a while. Some of the smallest decisions will make you fish bad. You just keep fishing."
Mike Iaconelli on his recent turnaround, including a 17th place showing going in to the final two days.