Quotes from the Battle


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"Y'all been in a bad drought down here and it's kinda hard to find rubber boots in this town." — Gerald Swindle on shopping in Del Rio in case of rain.

"When I get old, fat and lazy, I'll sit in my recliner and look at my trophies. For now I want to win some more." — Skeet Reese

"I was so jacked-up when I got that big fish in the boat, I threw up." — Mike Iaconelli

"I'll tell you what else will make you throw up ... when a guy catches one fish heavier than your whole sack." — Jimmy Mize

"I know more today than I knew yesterday." — Mark Davis

"It was tough to go out there today after losing my father yesterday." — Kevin Langill

"I'd tell you I was the first one to weigh in, dummy." — Gerald Swindle after being asked by BASS emcee asked Swindle what it felt like to have the early lead with 16 pounds, 4 ounces

"I had a lot of bites today, I should smoke them tomorrow." — Byron Velvick

"Theses guys are animals ... they're the best in the world." — Clark Reehm

"I bet he hollered for three minutes after catching that big fish." — Randy Howell commenting on Mike Iaconelli's 12-pound, 13-ounce bass

"Nine pounds on this lake is a joke." — Bernie Shultz, 88th place with 9 pounds, 12 ounces

"I thought I had a good plan until I weighed in." — Todd Auten

"That's the biggest I've ever seen you look." — BASS emcee Keith Alan to former Kentucky Derby jockey Kevin Wirth on all the clothes Wirth was wearing to combat the cold.

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