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Overall scores after ten tournaments:
Zona: 9,519
Overstreet: 9,427

McKinnis: 9,346
Sanders: 8,392

"It's like I'm a fortune teller or something," said Mark Zona. "I'm so good, it hurts my spleen."

Those words from Mark Zona after playing the one-two punch from Erie winner Kotaro Kiriyama and runner-up Aaron Martens have been haunting me all week.

"I feel like my only purpose in this world is to make everybody else dirty and in the process, I became a champion," he said slowly, moaning every few words because of his spleen.

But as I mentioned in the Fantasy Fishing Experts Power Rankings, the jury is still out on that trade. And to make matters worse for Woodcock, he's not changing his team. I guess his triceps finally wore out from inserting the knife in so many backs all season. You could easily follow the blood trail to his current 92-point lead.

But surprisingly, with everything on the line, Zona is sitting on his hands. No moves on the waivers and no moves within his team. He's sitting on his hands and his lead and hoping. Overstreet put it best: "Unlike the Italian donkey that is holding on to holding on I'm going to do this the right way."

Here's Zona's team, followed by their best finish on Oneida: Aaron Martens (14th), Kotaro Kiriyama (31st), Bryan Hudgins (never fished it), Dave Wolak (4th), Paul Hirosky (43rd). Those are their career bests on the lake.

"I can't change it," Zona said. "There's nothing else I can do."

Here's Overstreet's team followed by their best finish on Oneida: Dean Rojas (4th  although he was leading before the tournament moved to Onondaga), Tommy Biffle (1st), Chris Lane (16th), Bobby Lane (Rookie), Grant Goldbeck (69th).

It should be an interesting finish.

Incriminating Evidence

Maybe this Zona/Overstreet feud isn't really a feud at all. One day after fighting tooth and nail all weekend, they were on the water together, killing smallmouth on Erie.

And you know, fishing would have been fine. Maybe Overstreet could have played it off as "using" Zona for a free trip. But either way, there was far too much smiling going on.

Overstreet confided in me that he went fishing, but he didn't say with whom.

"I had catching a 5-pound smallmouth on my list of things to do before I die," he said. "I can now cross that off the list."

A trade gone wrong

There was almost one more blockbuster trade two days before the trade deadline (note: there is no trade deadline).

Thundersticks, in a desperate attempt to make his team "perfect," he offered Skeet Reese to Tommy Sander, straight up for Ken Cook.

Sanders, who had picked up Cook before Erie, rejected the trade, but offered a counter.

"Can't use Skeet as I already play high dollar KVD and will play Faircloth as well for the spectacle of it," Sanders wrote in an email. "Counter offer: Classic champ Alton Jones for virtual unknown Bobby Lane."

Overstreet didn't consider the offer from Sanders, but did offer his disdain for the situation.

"Man, he doesn't have any chance to win," he said. "I guess those little TV guys are going to stick together to the end of this thing."

Final moves of the season

James Overstreet
Drop: Terry Butcher
Add: Chris Lane

Drop: Big Dave Smith
Add: Matt Reed

Tommy Sanders
Drop: Clark Rheem
Add: Rick Ash

Drop: Scott Campbell
Add: Jon Bondy

Final teams of the season

Aaron Martens
Kota Kiriyama
Bryan Hudgins
Dave Wolak
Paul Hirosky

Dean Rojas
Tommy Biffle
Chris Lane
Bobby Lane
Grant Goldbeck

Mark Davis
Steve Kennedy
Michael Iaconelli
Gary Klein
Casey Ashley

Jon Bondy
Todd Faircloth
Ken Cook
Rick Ash