Winning emotion



PORT ARTHUR, Texas  During the final weigh-in of the Oh Boy Oberto Redfish Cup, Team Under Armour's Paul Jueckstock and Manny Perez reached to place their two winning redfish on the scales  but emotion had paralyzed the two anglers. Even without an official measure, the Florida anglers knew their 16.92-pound bag would give them the title in Port Arthur

Jueckstock tried to explain how grateful he was for the help of fellow anglers throughout the week before finally freezing up and edging away from emcee Keith Alan's microphone.

"Just show the fish ... and then we'll talk," Perez said to Alan, the angler's voice also trembling notieably.

Following Jueckstock and Perez, Kevin and "Cajun" Phil Broussard finished in second place after catching 16.67 pounds. In third, Kris Walter and Randy Hendrick weighed a 15.85-pound bag while Roland Martin and Steve Loyd posted a 15.37-pound weight for fourth place. Falling to the last spot with 11.53 pounds of redfish were Chris Wittman and Tom Winrow of Team Hooters.

The victory in Port Arthur is the first for Jueckstock and Perez as a team. Although Jueckstock won the Redfish Cup tournament in 2003 at Punta Gorda, Perez had yet to claim a title .

"Six years and I finally get my first victory," Perez said, after a lengthy celebration with his partner on the stage.

Jueckstock and Perez returned to the Sabine jetties again on Day Three, joining three other teams fishing in the top five. The bite proved slower overall after the wind changed directions and a stalled tide failed to move the water.

"We didn't catch as many as yesterday, but we didn't lose as many, either," Jueckstock said about the day throwing crankbaits and jigheads.

Mechanical trouble also threatened the Under Armour team on Sunday, leaving the anglers terrified they wouldn't be able to make it to the weigh-in.

"I'd like to thank Mike Frenette, because I don't know what would have happened if he hadn't been around to change our battery and get our motor back up," Jueckstock said.

Team Frenette had hung around Port Arthur to participate in the Frito Lay Pro-Am.

With disappointing boat trouble earlier in the week, coupled with a threat of not being able to make it to the final weigh-in, the joy of knowing their bag was the winner proved overwhelming.

But Jueckstock's explanation for his emotions came naturally: "These are tears of joy," the bald-headed angler said with a smirk.

"I finally have enough money to get my hair extensions now."