Quotes from Day Two of the Bassmaster American


Day Two standings

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Quotes from Day One of the first major of the year, the Bassmaster American on High Rock Lake.

"You do."
— Peter Thliveros, asked at Friday's launch how to react to "a do-or-die" day of fishing

"I was keyed in on 6 pounds a day."
— Russ Lane at the launch Friday morning, after being asked what fish he had found in practice

"I don't know if I'm going to be smiling after the weigh-in. I think I'm gonna be a pound short."
— Denny Brauer, who weighed in 10-8 very early and wound up missing the cut by about 2 pounds

"All those guys are great junk fishermen. That's not my style."
— Steve Kennedy, who finished 47th

"I think it's obvious I didn't figure anything out."
— Gary Klein, who brought only 9-13 to the scales

"When we were here in 1994 (at the Bassmaster Classic) I came in second. You can't do that in the Classic but it's not a bad deal to do it here on this day. All I wanted to do was make the top 12. It's a weird deal just to need to make the top 12 cut. But that's how it works."
— Tommy Biffle, who finished 19th

"I don't have a clue what I'm going to do tomorrow. The pressure is off, sort of. The neat thing about this deal is if you make the top 12 cut you know you're getting a decent paycheck."
— Ish Monroe (7th place)

"I'm stoked right now. For not getting a limit either day."
— Fred Roumbanis, who finished 10th despite weighing in only eight fish over two days

"Everybody accused us yesterday of sandbagging, lying. We'll, it took me until 2 p.m. to catch a keeper today. My problem is it just fish wide open all of the time and tomorrow I can't go there. Otherwise I'll be pinging all over the place. I'm going to limit myself to three rods, starting out, and make myself slow down."
— Gerald Swindle (5th place)

"What's ironic for me is there was a huge shad spawn going on at Guntersville, the last tournament, and I won it. It's the same deal here. The shad are all over the bank, spawning. We'll see if it pans out for me again. Spawning shad might be my lucky charm, who knows."
— Kevin VanDam, while he was still in the running

"That takes me out."
— VanDam, after seeing Monroe's fish bump him out of the cut. He finished 14th.

"The smells of carnage are real."
— Greg Gutierrez, on the involuntary responses firefighters develop to scents they associate with accidents

"I handle them thousand-pound animals. It's not a big deal."
Kevin Wirth, a former jockey, downplaying the effort he put forth to save his observer after the man suffered an apparent seizure and fell into High Rock Lake

"Everyday above ground is a good one."
— part of an inspiring note to Wirth from a hotel housekeeper who noticed he was looking glum after he left the water Friday. She didn't know he had just saved a man from drowning.

"Wurmy's hangin in there."
— Tim Tucker, observing the weigh-in from the backstage monitor with a handful of interested pro's and media members. It showed the standings following each angler's time on stage.Mike Wurm, sitting across from Tucker in a rough semi-circle around the TV, smiled and shook his head.

"I got three guys left. I can't beat all three of 'em,"
— Wurm, who qualified for the American with a 13th place showing at Guntersville, but finished in 14th place on Friday

Editor's Note: Sunday, May 20, ESPNOutdoors.com will have live video coverage of the Bassmaster American at 3:30 p.m. ET as Bassmaster TV's Mark Zona and Tommy Sanders host Hooked Up. The final day weigh-in follows immediately after where you can see who wins the $250,000 prize!