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RUSSELLVILLE, Ark. — ESPNOutdoors.com asked the Elites Series pros which three anglers they believed would do well at the final major of the year, the Bassmaster Legends on Lake Dardanelle.

Dave Wolak

Mike Wurm "He is from Arkansas and has experience with summertime river bass fishing."

Denny Brauer "He is a flipper, and this type of fishing suits his style."

Aaron Martens "He can catch those fish that are under pressure; he can out finesse the pressure."

Peter Thliveros

Fred Roumbanis "He seemed really confident."

Scott Rook "He is from Arkansas and is familiar with the territory."

Kenyon Hill "He is dialed in on these fish."

Kenyon Hill

Greg Hackney "He has done well here in the past."

Peter Thliveros "He fishes this format really well."

Kevin VanDam "Cause he is Van Dam. I will have to pick a forth to add to it … I can't leave out Rick Clunn, he has had a tough year, but under these conditions I think he can do well."

Kevin VanDam
Scott Rook "Obviously he is a local guy, and the defending champ. That one is a no-brainer"

Stephen Browning "He has intimate knowledge here. I am purposely not going to pick (Greg) Hackney just to make him mad. But (Scott) Rook and Browning both have a good shot. Either one of them can get it done here."

Edwin Evers "Oklahoma angler with local knowledge."

Greg Hackney
Bill Lowen "Ohio River guy that knows how to fish this summer river pattern."

Gary Klein "He always does good on the rivers. He will definitely make the cut."

Greg Hackney "I mean, I have to pick myself right? I feel good about it, I'm not right where I want to be, but if I can get it dialed in I have a good shot."

Timmy Horton

Brian Snowden "He has intimate knowledge here

Mike McClellan "He has got a good shot, he knows how to get it done."

Denny Brauer "He is always good for a win in a big tournament like this."

Boyd Duckett

Tommy Biffle "He is a great flipper, and I think that pattern will hold up. This is going to be a flipping tournament."

Terry Scroggins "He is on the fish, and this is his type of fishing."

Kelly Jordon "He is on a roll."

Ish Monroe

Mike Iaconelli "He is the hardest working man on the tour."

Dean Rojas " He is the best frog fisherman on the planet."

Denny Brauer "He is always good for a big tournament win, he keeps his name out there."

Tommy Biffle
Scott Rook "He is local, and it is going to take someone with local knowledge."

Stephen Browning "He is somebody that has plenty of knowledge about the river, and Illinois Bayou."

Gerald Swindle

Aaron Martens "Aaron is liable to have something going out deep, he is always on a different page, that could work to his advantage."

Jared Lintner "Jared is on a roll, he is a straight up grind it out, good fisherman."

Takahiro Omori "He fishes shallow water really well, and fishes the shallow crankbait well, and that should work."

Alton Jones

Mike McClellan " He is good with a jig, and a jig works well here."

Greg Hackney "Same reason. Both of the guys have a history here and that's important"

Mark Tucker "He is a delta fisherman and that is moving water."

Aaron Martens

Skeet Reese "He is on fire."

Todd Faircloth "He is on the fish."

Chris Lane "He caught a big sack in practice."

Skeet Reese

Chris Lane "The flippers are going to do well, and he caught some nice fish in practice."

Tommy Biffle "He loves to flip."

Terry Scroggins "He is a Florida grass flipper."

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