Special Forces Museum

James Overstreet

FORT BRAGG, N.C. — All tours of the John F. Kennedy Special Forces Museum on base at Fort Bragg start outside beside a twisted, bent and burned piece of a beam recovered from the World Trade Center after 9/11.

The tour guide, Master Sergeant Denny Langford of the Special Forces, had been home from a tour in Africa for less than two weeks. The tour walks through the life of "unconventional warfare" in the United Stated from its roots, but offered limited information on the current "War on Terror."

Langford is careful with his words and tells as many stories as he's allowed, but the problem with a unit based on secrecy is that you can't really give a full tour of its history. But there were glimpses.

"You wouldn't believe what a human could do to another human," Langford said as he started through the exhibit of that takedown of Saddam Hussein.

Elite Series angler Keith Phillips said the museum was his favorite part of the day on base.

"It was very interesting to me to see how modern everything has gotten from years ago till now," he said.