Byron Velvick's tips from Newport Beach


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This weekend on Going Coastal:

Byron is going back to his roots, Newport Beach, California to fish with old friend Captain Mike Gardner. There he searches for local knowledge and fishes the inshore oil derricks and kelp beds, for Calico Bass, yellowtail and sheepshead on light tackle.

The key for Velvick and company during the first segment of the show was using light line. They went as small as 6-pound test for the spotted bay bass that they were catching in the bay.

"We were focusing on eelgrass beds in 10 to 12 feet of water," Velvick said. "The light tackle was key when paired with Gulp! on a jighead."

The first segment of the show was a time to reunite with some old fishing friends, as Velvick grew up and build his passion for fishing in the Newport Beach area when he was younger.

"Really, this show was about fishing with friends and reintroducing myself to saltwater fishing," Velvick said.

The second segment of the show found Velvick fishing in the Huntington Beach area. The anglers were fishing more open water here and were keying in on the rocky areas in 15 to 20 feet in what was otherwise a sandy bottom.

"One tip I would give anglers there is to look for commercial lobster buoys," Velvick said. "When you find the buoys, you know that they will be on those rocky areas that you need to be fishing."

The rocky reefs held the baitfish, which in turn attracted sand bass and calico bass, the target of Velvick and the crew.

Again, using Gulp! on a jighead and slowly bouncing or crawling it along the bottom paid off for the anglers. One specific tip that Velvick did give was to focus on the areas where the rocks met the sand. Keying in on the perimeter of the rocks provided more fish catching action for the anglers.

As in the first segment, light line was used: 10- to 12- pound test for the rocky areas.

"Even though some of the fish we were catching were small, they have seen many baits and tend to be line shy," Velvick said. "Basically, I would recommend covering a lot of water and keying in on that area where the sand meets the rocks."

The end of the show featured Velvick near Catalina island, trolling Rapalas. Velvick said the technique was basic trolling, but did offer one piece of advice for anyone looking to duplicate their success.

"Watch out for those seals!" Velvick said. "When you hook up, the seals are more on a bent rock pattern than other boats in the area."

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