'BASS Tech,' Season 2, Episode 5


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    Our newest customer is a Firefighter, a BMX Bike Racer, and has been out on the water for 25 years. Seems like a pretty cool dude, huh? WRONG.

    This show is all about a woman named Rosann Cook, who's been fishing since she was a kid and now wants to get back out on the water in a boat due to her newfound interest in tournament bass fishing. Her husband was the one who turned her on to it and she's been trying to learn all she can. They have four kids, though, so new and exciting things like toys go to them and our little lady is stuck using her husbands big old hand-me-down baits and rods and reels...and get this, she also has to sit in the back of the boat&all the time!

    Rosann finally decided she wanted some "me-time" so she came down to the shop and asked the boys for some tips and tricks on how to make the most out of what she has, and maybe get some new gear, along with some pointers on how to use all of her equipment more effectively.

    G starts her off with a set of his signature rod and reel combos from Quantum along with some info about why each rods is good for what it's good for. Big Show then hooks Rosann up with some of his signature Airrus rods, which he wants me to add come out in February 06!, and showed her some tips about adding weight to the rods to counter balance and make them more comfortable for a lady of small stature. Browning then gave her some XTools floating tools and a floating scale.

    Next up, the Rats overflowed the shop table with a slew of new tackle and baits from Mann's, Lucky Craft, War Eagle, and Zoom and showed her the right way to stock and organize her equipment for easy maintenance and transportation to and from the back of the boat and to her house. This took a while but she learned a lot and was organizing like an old pro by the end of her lesson.

    Now she has the rods, reels, and bait...now she needs to know how to use them in difficult situations. G, Big Show, and Brownie showed her tips for skipping into docks, and several other situations.

    Rosann finally nails her casts and Kate brings in her husband Dennis to show off her new skills and new gear, which he isn't allowed to touch. She does a perfect cast and the guys all cheer. Everyone seems really happy with the transformation in her gear and fishing game. Having said that, Chigger pulls her aside and tells her all the tips the Bass Rats gave her are great, but the best tip would be to get to the water first and that's how you get the fish...and we see why as Chigger is out on the lake in a super powered jet boat going so fast his gold tooth nearly falls out.

    Product used on this Episode

    Quantum Gerald Swindle PT Signature Series Rod

    A rod with a lot of backbone but at the same time a very soft tip.

    Excellent for soft lure presentation when flipping a finesse jig around docks or heavy cover.

    Airrus Terry Sroggins Signature Series Flippin' Stix:

    Available in February 2006, these will be the most awesome
    pair of Flippin' Stix's you will ever have the pleasure to fish.

    Zoom Soft Plastics

    XTOOLS Floating tools:

    The Floating Pliers are designed with the avid fisherman in mind.The ratios of composite materials in the pliers are engineered to ensure strength and durability. The tungsten carbide cutting system has been specially designed to cut braided line.

    XTOOLS Grip-N-Weigh

    The gripNweigh® Digital Fish Scale is designed for all types of fishing. This 2-in-1 tool can be used both as a fish gripper and a digital fish scale. This is a must have for both the amateur and professional angler.

    XTOOLS Floating Filet Knife:

    The XTOOLS Floating Fillet Knife is designed with all types of fisherman in mind. The ergonomic handle provides precise, safe filleting each and every time.

    War Eagle Spinnerbaits

    Mann's Hardnose plastic baits :

    Lucky Craft Hard plastic baits

    Complete dedication to Ultimate Performance...that's Lucky Craft Inc., crafsmen of the Pointer, Sammy and other high performance lures, is quickly becoming recognized as the leader among American anglers. So get your Lucky Craft lure today and experience the ultimate rewards of fishing.

    Fronduti Hair Care Products

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