'BASS Tech,' Season 2, Episode 7

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    Jonathan Garrie and Casey Sobczak from Stephen F Austin University were the winners of the 2005 College Smash Mouth Bass contest shown on ESPNU, and the boys from BASS Tech invited them down to the shop to see if they could be any help on their road to maybe become pro's on the BASS Tour one day. The boys have all the talent in the world but being college students, are a little tight on the money end of things. They needed to learn how to make the most of what they have and get the most bang for their buck. After hearing that, G called up today's honorary BASS Rat, Professional Bass Angler Scott Rook. Rook is well known as a jack of all trades and is always fixing or modifying his existing gear and or coming up with new ways to make anything work a little better.

    First off, Rook showed the boys that they could save money on buying lures by getting the cheap crankbaits in colors that aren't very popular and painting them to be the colors that work and are usually more expensive using normal everyday spray paint. G sat back and said "Supervision is 99% of this job, because I ain't paintin' nothing!" Rook then showed the boys some advance painting tips by using an airbrush and stencils to make more complex colorways on his cheap crankbaits. He made a spinning air dryer for the paints and even showed the boys how to mix epoxy and give the baits a clearcoat, making them look nearly as good as anything you could buy right off the shelf for a lot more money with Flex Coat high build rod wrapping finish. G then gave the boys their own Paasche Airbrush kit and a ton of paint so they could get started on their own paint jobs. Casey and Jonathan really liked that idea.

    Next up Rook wanted to show the boys what they could do to fix up their broken rods that they won College Smash Mouth with. Casey's rod had a broken eyelet on it and Rook ripped it right off, scraping off the excess left behind with a razor blade. He then put a new one on and used common household thread to tie it back on and securely attach. Quick and easy and Rook says he's used that method many a time out on the BASS Tour when he has an emergency rod disaster.

    The boys pulled their boat in and the first thing Brownie and Kriet noticed was their prop was chipped and the paint had come off of it, so they used some Zinc Primer and then black spray paint to make it look like new. The boys then pointed out that there were scuffs all over the boat too and they wanted to make it look like new again. Browning used a rubbing compound which takes off the first miniscule layer of clearcoat that was scratched and makes it look fresh again...then he used car and boat wax to buff it up and make it look like brand new.

    Chigger then FINALLY showed up at the shop and gave the boys some special tips on how to be a true pro at fishing...which is odd since Chigger is anything but a true pro. He told them to have a reliable outboard and lots of self-confidence, to be persistent, and last but not least....practice SAFETY FIRST.

    We then saw Chigger at an unnamed event win a tournament with a whopping final total of Two Pounds, One Ounce!

    His prize is a lifetime supply of Chicken and we see him enjoying the bounty as the show ends.

    Product used on this Episode

    Paasche VL-Set Airbrush Kit

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