Driven to Hunt Bobby Labonte


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The Labonte name is famous in racing circles and to have two Labontes on one hunt was special. Terry Labonte had joined our Driven To Hunt cameras earlier in the year on a New Mexico elk hunt. He had hunted hard for three days but never got the chance to see the caliber of bull he was looking for. Since he was unsuccessful, Team Realtree's Bill Jordan extended an invitation to Terry and his brother Bobby to join us for a Kansas Whitetail hunt later in the year.

Terry and Bobby have a close relationship but this was the first time they were able to go on a hunt together. Joining car owner Richard Childress and RCR driver Clint Boyer, Bobby and Terry headed for Kansas to hunt with Bill Jordan on OEI Properties' Coal Grounds. Located on the boarder between Kansas and Missouri this land is known for big bucks and Bobby was excited about getting his first trophy.

Bobby had just recently got into hunting and he brought along his new bow. He was focused on getting his deer with a rifle but between hunts he broke out the bow every chance he got. Bill Jordan was quick to lend his expertise in getting Bobby set up and shooting like a pro in no time. Evenings were filled with good food, a competitive pool game or two and camaraderie between brothers and fellow racers.

Terry came up short for the second time not seeing a shooter buck the three days we hunted. Bobby was blessed with beginner's luck. On the second evening Bobby had a big buck show himself just before dark. After a long wait, Bobby calmed his nerves and made the shot taking home his first trophy buck.