About Big Game Bites

In these 13 short features, my son, Capt. Darrin Isaacs and I get the opportunity to zero in on various facets of big-game fishing. From the idiosyncrasies of a particular area to the examination of a useful knot, we will be taking a look at many of the accepted techniques that have stood the test of time and see why they have endured where others have gone by the wayside.

Using our experience of over 25 years in the big-game charter boat business, we will clear away some of the fogginess of generality with specific how-to's and reasons why. Laced with both top water and underwater off shore action, we can not only talk about what has proven effective, but also demonstrate it working.

In addition to "everyday fishing", offshore big-game tournaments are another realm that brings with it added requirements. Sound techniques have to be supplemented with strategy and teamwork to take full advantage of the various tournament structures.

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