If there is one part of my job that I treasure more than anything else, it would "hands down" have to be the time that my son Tyler and I have enjoyed and experienced together in the outdoors.

Like viewers of Realtree Outdoors, I too have watched Tyler grow from a little boy to a young man while pursuing our love for hunting. The Halff Brothers Ranch just outside of Pearsall, TX has been a key part of this progression.

This magical place has become a "home away from home" for both of us during the fall and we have both scored on some unbelievable whitetails while hunting here.

It's funny, but I feel that both Tyler and myself have "matured" as deer hunters over the years of hunting the Halff. Why, I've gone from literally having Tyler sit in my lap to sending him off on his own in search of a big buck.

I can laugh now as I recall arguments we've had this past year about which stand would be the best stand! And there is something about learning a place like the back of your hand, knowing where each little two-path road will lead. Believe me, I've had plenty of times when I got turned around when I first started hunting the ranch.

What an awesome job the Halff Brothers Ranch does of managing their deer herd. It is not an easy task to keep the buck to doe ratio in check but the family has always been committed to managing for quality deer. And it shows!

Something that I truly love about the ranch is the diversity of the land. I have hunted the typical cactus and mesquite flats on the ranch, but I also can't wait to go to my honeyhole down along the river where big, tall oak trees dominate the landscape. You can't go too many places in south Texas and find that!