World's Greatest Fishing Show: The Blog


Sometimes things just work out. Although several times during the planning of this California trip it seemed nothing was going to go our way. We had multiple guests lined up that for one reason or the next fell through. We had multiple lakes lined up that for one reason or the next fell through. As things turned out two weeks before shooting we still needed a guest.

Much of this drama was taking place during the taping of the Calabamich Cup on Ray Scott's Presidents Lake. So Z and I (mostly Z) decided to hatch a plan to secure a guest for the first California shoot. You see the premise for the California shoot was going to be awesome. Zona and his guest we going to get first class accommodations at a northern California casino. The two would be treated like kings at the hotel and given the honor of being one of the first to fish a lake that has been off limits for months… a lake that is known to hold some pretty big smallmouth. Sounds like a good deal right?

In an act of pure gamesmanship Z threw out a challenge to his Calabamich rivals Gerald Swindle and Skeet Reese… whoever landed the biggest bass of the tournament would get the invite. Of course Z hoped it would create some competitive conflict between the two… turns out it didn't. However in the end Skeet Reese caught a 6 pounder and won the trip.

Things were good… We had our California shoot lined out with the bonus of having a Californian as out guest. It turns out that Skeet was already invited to fish the lake we planned to tape during a media day just prior to its opening. It looked like WGFS was going to get the inside scoop before we ever showed up. The problem was that the scoop we received was full of dung. The quote we got was: "It's a bad as I've ever seen it in my life… why would you want to tape a show here?"

Suddenly we had a guest but no lake to fish on, which turned out to be a good thing. When you're near the home of one of the best bass fishermen alive... you just saddle up and go to the lake that he learned on. So we went and shot a great show on Clear Lake.

Unfortunately my next dilemma was trying to justify having Skeet on as a guest three weeks in a row now that the "casino trip" had lost it's significance. I didn't have to worry long. Two weeks later Skeet won the Bassmaster Classic… If you're going to have a guest on three times, might as well be the Classic champ. Sometimes things just work out.