World's Greatest Fishing Show: The Blog


Well it's the Grand Zeason Finale, which wraps up another round of this little bang boom fish catching party called World's Greatest. Looking back on it… we have had quite a run of shows this year. We had very tough conditions on Lake Guntersville, amazing conditions at Thousand Islands, we even have had both tough and amazing at the same time… just ask Z about pulling in three giant alligator gar one after the other.

This season had more ups and downs than one of Zona jigs on a lake full of boat docks. So how do you end a season like that? We're not quite ready to jump the shark, although Greg Hackney did sit on one for us, but a great TV cliffhanger seemed appropriate. So we concocted the idea that it might be time to recast the role of Mark Zona.

First let me state the obvious: No one could ever replace Mark Zona. But how fun would it be to hold an open audition and let people try? The idea inspired us to come up with the Be Like Z promotion. We want viewers and fans to send in their best (and worst) impressions of Zona. I truly believe that every hardcore WGFS fan has sung Baby Cub at least once… it time to show off those pipes, or your best fishing tip or how about some random thoughts about winged creatures. Whatever you want, just Be Like Z.

Yes, I'm a little bummed that the season is over… but this show and especially it's ending seems like a fitting way to say goodbye until next year. Thanks for watching.