'I got a little mechanical'


'You have to believe in the process'

April 9, 2009

We put in about a six-hour day today and we got through the routine with music several times. Chelsie is still making small tweaks to the choreography and she told me to expect a long day tomorrow because that's when she's going to be working on technique.

Those always make for long days, but that's part of the process and I'm used to it.

Every week it always feels like an insurmountable mountain, but you have to believe in that process and keep putting in the work. Every Wednesday and Thursday it feels like that, but you just have to trust the process.

All you can do it keep working at it and just do what your coach tells you, and trust that it's going to get better.

This dance is pretty fast-paced and it's a lot of really fast footwork that all has to be on the count. It all has to be synched up.

That's the thing about the technique; because when you and your partner are supposed to be doing the exact same things, it has to look like you're doing the exact same things otherwise it looks off. It almost ought to look like mirror images.

That's the part we're working on so, at the point, when we're supposed to be doing the same thing it has to be timed right.

The Jive is a real high-energy, high-speed dance, so we'll just keep working and it ought to look good.

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'Hopefully this is going to be a good one for us'

April 9, 2009

We put in about six hours of practice on Wednesday and Chelsie got the whole routine choreographed so we started working on quite a few of the steps already.

Chelsie and I both really like the song. It's a lot easier to hear the music and feel the beat of the song than it was for us last week with the Paso Doble. "Barracuda" was a tough song — actually it was a tough dance to a really tough piece of music.

Unlike last week, Chelsie wanted the song we're using and it didn't get picked for us.

The Jive is a really athletic dance and it's really fast-paced — sort of like the Lindy Hop was, but it's really different. However, it is along those same lines a little bit.

As always, we're putting in the work.

We feel like we took a little step backward last week and that we got knocked down a little bit, but if there's one thing that bull riding teaches you it's that you get right back up and you keep trying and no matter what you bear-down. That's something I know how to do and it's what I'm going to do.

Hopefully this is going to be a good one for us.

The way the music is and the way the choreography goes along with that music it seems like it's going to be a lot easier to just get into it and roll with it.

Chelsie and I will keep working hard and it's time for all of us to cowboy up.

'Everyone's put a lot of effort into this'

April 8, 2009

Going into tonight Chelsie just told me to loosen up, but as it goes along and you're waiting to find out if you're in the bottom two or not, you feel yourself tightening up again, especially when we were the last ones to be saved.

It's a challenge and everyone's put a lot of effort into this to rise up to that challenge.

You hate to see anybody go. I really hated to see David Alan Grier go because I got to know him real well. We hit it off and he's a real nice guy. I think he was enjoying the process and he was working hard at it. I thought he was getting better every week.

But the thing is, when you sign up for this deal you know that every couple except one is going to experience that, so Chelsie and I are just going to keep working as hard as we can and try to enjoy the process for however long it may last.

We know that our fan support is coming in. I don't mean to sound like a broken record, but it makes it a lot easier when you're trying this hard for Chelsie and I know we have so many people behind us. We're vested in this and we're giving it everything we have.

Hopefully we'll have a better week. I certainly think we can.

It's just a matter of getting the work put in, and I think the Jive is going to be another one of those real tiring dances. This week we have a song that Chelsie handpicked. It's a Travis Tritt song called, "The Girl's Gone Wild."

You don't have a lot of time to clear songs, and we don't find out until Sunday night which dance you'll get if you survive, so she went to work and got the song she wanted and she seems really excited about it.

The Jive is her specialty.

All I know about it is that it's a lot of steps and really fast-paced. It's also a Latin dance along with the Lindy Hop, which I didn't know. Out of the 10 dances, 5 of them are called standard and 5 of them are Latin dances. We've had two standards, which were the Foxtrot and the quickstep, and this will be our fourth Latin dance.

I'm going to YouTube it so I can see it beforehand, but what it really comes down to is me learning our routine from Chelsie. When you watch professionals do these dances it can be very misleading about what you're in for.

Now it's back to my main job, and that's getting some rest so that I can be ready to do the work when we get to practice.

But the fan support is half the deal and it's just as important. It's just like in bull riding: you can make the best ride in the world, but if you don't have a great bull it doesn't matter.

I've made a few decent rides and I've made a few questionable rides, but I think I've had a good bull every time.

'I got a little mechanical'

April 7, 2009

Tonight we got a 21 and we didn't get great comments from the judges, but at least we remembered the routine and we didn't fall down.

In that dance, I think, it's hard for an amateur to find the line between the strength and power of how you're supposed to present the Paso Doble and, at the same time, not being too stiff — evidentially I didn't find that line.

It's one of those things where if you're too fluid without being dramatic it could become a situation where the judges say you didn't portray what the dance is about.

I know I got a little mechanical, but that's because I was thinking too hard with each step — "where are my hands, lunge but don't lunge too much, your front toe has to be turned out, your back toe has to be turned out," and some of the steps come quick and some of them come slow.

It's same as with anything you learn — just like when I'm teaching guys how to ride — when it's mechanical that's when you see guys get stiff and they don't have any flow with the bull. When you watch the guys in the PBR who are good, at that level, and can flow that's because it's not mechanical.

Their bodies know the movement and it's just a matter of finding the groove with each individual bull.

If we survive this elimination the main thing we have to do is to go back and work on looking more fluid in the next dance because, I think, when the judges give you a critique it's your job to come back the next week having fixed the thing or things they told you to work on.

Chelsie and I both listened to what the judges had to stay and we'll try to make it better next time. All you can do is to keep on trying and neither Chelsie nor I are short on try.

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