'My eye is doing pretty good'


'My eye is doing pretty good'

April 17, 2009

So far the waltz seems to be going really good.

Every week each team on the show has to film what you call your "wides" and that's where your producer who films you in practice every day shoots your routine from one end of the studio and then he goes to the opposite end and shoots the whole routine from there.

So you run through it twice and he shoots it from both ends and the reason you do this is so the director can look at everybody's "wides" and begin putting a game plan together for how they're going to film the dance.

We generally haven't gotten our "wides" done until Friday and, in some cases, we haven't gotten to it until Saturday. We were able to do that today so that tells me that it is coming together pretty fast compared to some of the other routines.

We are getting to the point that a lot of things that are in the waltz are things I learned before; like the frame, the shaping, the pivots and few other things so it's not as time consuming.

Now it's about making sure we get it to where it starts feeling natural to me so I can do less thinking and just go with the music. And not have any questions about, "Hey, where am I at?"

Today we were able to run the routine several times with music and that's way ahead of the game. Like I said, most of the time we're not getting that done until Friday night or even Saturday. Now mind you, tomorrow we'll start working on technique.

But, I think, what helps me is to have the routine down pretty good in my head before I start working on the technique because it's hard to work on both at the same time. It's hard to think about your technique while you're trying to remember the routine.

If I'm able to get the footwork down of where we're going and how we're going there and at what tempo then, I think, it becomes easier later on to polish up the technique.

They can be really critical and what I mean is you can remember the whole routine, rise and fall at the right part, but if you take one wrong heel lead and they'll point it out by saying, "You weren't supposed to take a heel lead."

There are times you take a heel lead and times you don't so you have to be real clear on when and where.

We also filmed my long interview today, which is something we do every week, and that's where they pull out all the comments you see in the pre-taped packages right before Chelsie and I dance. It's an hour-long interview and they ask you a million questions about what's going on.

Speaking of which, my eye is doing pretty good.

I think some of the press wanted to make a big deal out of it, but it's not that big of a deal. It turned slightly black-and-blue, but it's not real bad. The cut's already scabbed over and on its way healing. Everything is fine with that and, I think, hopefully by Monday it should pretty much be back to normal.

But I feel like we're ahead of the game on this one. I'm just trying to stay focused in and put in the work every day. Our scores have been going back down the wrong way so we need to get 'em up!

'The fans got us through'

April 15, 2009

Woohoo! The fans got us through. Chelsie and I were happy to make it and we darn sure wanted a chance to redeem ourselves. We think we'll be able to do it with a slow waltz.

I just got home from the show. After it was done I went to eat dinner with Cody Lambert and his wife Leanne, Keith Ryan Cartwright and Jewel.

We had a nice dinner, but I'm going to hurry up and get in bed because tomorrow I have to get up and go practice our first group dance. Then I'm going to go do the "Chelsea Lately" show on E! and then I'm going to go to practice.

Thanks again for all the support we're getting. I know that it's the power of the fans that is helping to keep us in there.

It's a long day tomorrow so I better make this one short and sweet because I need to get my butt to sleep and make some big improvements.

'We can't have anyone lose faith on us'

April 14, 2009

Obviously we didn't get as good of scores as we would have liked to last night. The Jive is such a fast song that if you miss one little step your behind and then it's a chain reaction, and you can have a mess on your hands pretty quick.

But I thought we were doing a good job on the part before I missed the step. Then, once we recovered, I thought we finished out OK so, I guess, that's the bright side of it.

If we make it past tonight we have the waltz next week.

We can't have anyone lose faith on us. We have actually gotten a nine before and, I think, we can do that again.

Maybe the waltz will be a good one for us. The quickstep and foxtrot went pretty good for us and, I think, the waltz is somewhat similar to the foxtrot.

I still think we have a really strong fan base and that's a good thing because that's what Chelsie and I have to rely on when we don't get great scores, but we'll find all that out tonight on the results show.

It's just like my riding career: you take it one day at a time and try to give it your best every day so that's what I'm going to keep doing. I know that I'm not the best dancer, but we have so much room to improve that if we can get better we can, perhaps, surprise some folks.

I got a good night's sleep. Now we're just going to bare-down and see how it goes tonight.

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