'Chelsie and I were thrilled'


'Chelsie and I were thrilled with how everything went'

April 28, 2009

Well troops, I think we had a great night!

Chelsie and I were thrilled with how everything went. We thought we danced to the best of our ability so don't get too uptight about Len's comments. At this point, we can't let that bother us.

It's just like in bull riding: you can't control the scores so you just have to keep your focus on what you can control. And those things are how hard Chelsie and I are going to continue working in practice and how hard we're going to try on Monday night.

Let's keep all of our energy going in that direction.

I feel as though every week Chelsie and I get a better feel for each other, especially for her knowing how to coach me better.

At the midway point, when our scores started dropping, I think we started getting overly technical and tried to put too much teaching in too short of a time.

She always used to make me worry about the count and now she quit worrying about that and started telling me about key words or key drum beats or key guitar strums or something else in the song to focus on.

It just seems like every week that we go we just get a better feel for how to go about that. Now I'm more aware of the obstacle in front of me and I almost liked having two dances tonight because it felt like when I was rodeoing. I always did three events and it's kind of nice not to have to sit there and over think any one thing too much.

Just knowing I had two dances tonight made me feel more relaxed and I didn't over think either of them. I just went out there.

I know we have a powerful army behind us.

Not only do I think I have the best partner in Chelsie, but I also think I have the best fan base. I know you're all really passionate about your support so we're going to bear-down, keep trying hard and continue to put the work in.

Jewel and I just got to our favorite Mexican restaurant where she and I are fixing to enjoy a nice dinner together.

It was also nice having Michael Gaffney and his wife Robyn here supporting me tonight. I really appreciate that and I'll see if Jewel can help me get some pictures up tomorrow.

Thanks a lot troops and I'll talk to you tomorrow.

'Chelsie made me get a spray tan'

April 27, 2009

I got back to the apartment at about 9 o'clock tonight and we had another good day, actually we had a great day. We got to reconvene with our Team Tango and work on that during camera blocking.

I felt that Chelsie and I performed real strong in that today and our individual dance felt good during the camera blocking as well.

It's funny because normally dancing is a little bit like bull riding in that you're kind of on your own, but this week will be more like the World Cup in the fact that we have a team and we all have to rely on each other. We all have to come through and do our respective part right.

It's fun getting to train together as a team and helping each other out — pointing out things that could work better or pointing out things that don't look as good or whatever. I think we're sitting in pretty good shape.

I feel really confident this week and I feel good about it.

I don't feel like I'm struggling to remember a lot with the dance routines. I feel like I've got them down pretty good and it's funny because I had to learn two dances this week, but maybe it helps because you don't have as much time to break it down and knit-pick at so much.

It's like you just have to get it as good as you can as soon as you can because it's double-time.

Like I said, I feel pretty good about everything. The camera blocking feels pretty much like the show feels and I felt pretty good during that.

Mine and Jewel's good friend Michael Gaffney and his wife Robyn are coming out to support me tomorrow night.

Well, Chelsie made me get a spray tan!

You'll have to wait and watch Monday night to see why I got a spray tan, but, I have to say, this is the first tan I've ever had in my entire life. G-Man said he's going to get a spray tan too — just to show his support.

But don't let this fool you: I'm still 100 percent cowboy under all this brown.

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