'It's so much easier'


'It's so much easier than it was nine weeks ago'

May 1, 2009

I'm checking back in with all the soldiers, infantries, paratroopers, commandos and the Special Forces.

Chelsie and I had another good day. We spent the whole time working on the Rumba and we haven't even started the Argentine Tango yet, but we'll work on that tomorrow.

First thing today we got up and went over to "Good Day L.A."  both Chelsie and I and Jewel was even in on it a little bit too  and did a live interview. After that Jewel and I went and ate and then Chelsie and I put in about a six and a half hour day at the practice studio.

We pretty much have the Rumba down to music.

It's not real polished yet, but Chelsie wanted to carry over the focus we had from yesterday when we were working on it and didn't want to go from the Rumba to the Argentine Tango and then back to the Rumba.

It feels like it's coming along pretty good. Like I've said before, that darn sure is a Latin dance but we're feeling pretty good about it.

It's still pretty hard for me, but it's so much easier than it was nine weeks ago just because I know the process so much better now. I know what has to happen, what takes place and so I'm able to learn things a little bit faster because I'm familiar with that process.

Right now Jewel and I are going to grab some Indian food. Then I'm going to get to bed as early as I can because we have a really long day tomorrow.

I start off early in the morning with radio phoners, where I call in live to stations all across the country, and then Chelsie and I are going to visit some local stations here in Los Angeles. Then we're going to rehearse all day long because we have to get the choreography set, but she feels more of a sense of urgency with the Rumba than she does the Argentine Tango.

So that's the plan: get some food in me and get a good night's sleep followed by another long, hard day of work tomorrow.

'What an exciting show last night!'

April 28, 2009

Hi there, it's Jewel,

Just wanted to touch base and say howdy. What an exciting show last night!

I thought everyone brought their A-game and it was definitely stiff competition! Being a rodeo and bull riding fan it's hard for me to get used to someone who is injured still getting a score.

I think the rule about "judging a rehearsal if the person is too injured to perform" was weird both times they have used it.

As bad as I felt for Melissa, who I hope feels better and comes back, I'm used to our cowboy athletes that live by the rule: "ride hurt or don't get a score." It may seem harsh, but it seems like the only way to keep things honest.

If you're too hurt to compete then you can't compete.

But if I were to be on the show I might change my mind. Hahaha!

I know there are all kinds of ways to doing things and it sure is out of my control  that's for sure  so I'm happy to follow along as it is, but I have to say I think the PBR has kept a lot of integrity in sports by using this rule.

Other sports, like boxing for example, pay the guys who lose so there isn't anything on the line to make them try their hardest. And football awards contracts to guys who get paid whether they decide to "bring it" any given Sunday or not.

I like that the bull riders and cowboys have to win to get paid.

They get paid based on their performance and not on their reputation. That, to me, seems like the way it should be in the real world. All of us get fired if we don't do any good at our jobs.

OK, I know, I'm probably too opinionated, but there it is&

Needless to say, I know who my favorite dancer on the show is& :) I was so proud of how Ty dug deep and really did his best two performances to date, in my opinion.

He is really being such a good sport about this whole show  tanning and clothes (or lack thereof!)  and all&

I really think he embodies the spirit of what the show is all about  a non-dancer learning how to dance so win, lose or draw I'm sure proud of him. He's come a long way since the ChaCha!

And I thought Team Tango rocked it!

I know they picked him last, but I think he proved himself to be a great asset. Never under estimate a cowboy  boo yah! Haha&

It was great to see Michael Gaffney at the show last night. He flew in from New Mexico just to support Ty and brought his family, including his daughter Destyn, who sat next to me last night as my date!

So, I guess, tonight we'll see if Ty is going to be around for another week.

I wish no one had to go home. I'm really enjoying this group and they're all working so hard. I hate to see any of them go! It will be nail-biting tonight!

Enjoy and I will be seeing you soon!

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