'We'll bear down and see how far this goes'

Ty Murray and dance partner Chelsie Hightower made it as one of the final four couples on ABC's 'Dancing with the Stars'. Courtesy ABC

'We'll bear down and see how far this goes'

May 6, 2009

Woo-hoo troops, we're in the semi-finals!

What's amazing with this show is that all the couples have a team behind them in America and nobody knows how big their team is or where they stand, but obviously the cowboy army must be pretty big because it's pretty obvious that I'm not the best dancer.

Chelsie and I were behind pretty far in the scores from the judges, but I think people have underestimated the cowboy nation.

It was a bummer to see Lil' Kim eliminated. She's a great dancer, worked hard every week and I would watch her in dress rehearsal before the shows and she and Derek would be working on moves that could be a disaster.

They would be working on some gutsy moves that wouldn't even be that smooth, but on Monday night she would go out there with all the confidence in the world and that gave me a lot of respect for her to see how gutsy she was and how tough she was and what a performer she was.

But, at this point, it's a bummer to see anybody go.

We've all become friends and everybody on the show — celebrities and pros — have all worked so hard and put so much time and effort into it. But people need to remember it's not just a dancing contest or else they wouldn't have America vote on it — they'd just have the judges decide it.

I feel like I have a great team in Chelsie and in the cowboy army. Everybody's behind us and everyone is trying their hardest, and that's me included.

We have two more dances to learn this week — Viennese Waltz and Samba — which, again, are at opposite ends of the spectrum.

Chelsie and I know the process inside and out. I just have to try and get my nerves under control Monday night. It's just so hard because none of it comes natural. I can't rely on anything to be natural because my brain still has to tell me every move for every part of my body to make.

It's hard because when one little extra thought creeps into your brain you're going to miss something.

I know we can get it during the week, but I have to try and work on my focus and see if I can get that under control so that hopefully I'll be more relaxed on Monday night.

It's 10,000 times tougher than I thought it would be. When I took on this show I thought if I really put my mind to it I could do this. It can be really frustrating when you're giving everything you have and you're not getting that great at it, but Chelsie and I are never going to weaken.

Not only have we put a lot of work into this, but I think the cowboy army has put a lot of work into it too so we'll bear down and see how far this goes.

'Another week'

May 5, 2009

Hi all, it's Jewel here.

Wow, were you guys as nervous as I was last night? Man almighty!

This was a big week for Ty and a busy one. I'm just so proud of how hard he has worked.

We can't thank you all enough for your support. Ty and I really feel we have the best fans who really are great people, and we're honored to share some of this journey with you.

Let me take you through some of what this week was like, for Ty, leading up to tonight — the big Tuesday!

Ty set to work right away last Wednesday on the Argentine Tango. They were going to work Tuesday night after the show, but Chelsie had a cold and she decided a good night's sleep was in order.

So they went hard to work the next morning and kept the pace up all week — learning both dances, while the demands of press for the show increased. That made it harder to learn as more time was spent driving to photo shoots and interviews on top of trying to learn two dances.

For me, it was definitely disappointing to be hurt this season and not get to compete with my husband, but everything happens for a reason. I'm actually really thankful, in a way, that things worked out like they did, because I really get to be here for Ty and watch him and document this progress.

I feel honored to get to see him go through all this and see him shine as well as see you all get to know the man I know and love.

Finally, Monday rolled around and Ty headed to the TV studio around 10 a.m. I went there with his two wonderful sisters Kimber and Kerri, who drove in from Phoenix for the night just to see him compete before they had to drive back to be at work this morning!

I didn't get any pics of the Rumba because I was suddenly brought to another chair, and told to sit and wait. Much to my surprise I got my own private cowboy dance! It was so sweet! I'm a lucky gal!

After the show, Ty's sisters got to give their baby brother a hug and say how proud they were. I hope you all caught Kimber throwing the army salutes the whole night!

And that's the week so far!

Tonight is a big night and a big test for the power of the army, but no matter what happens I feel blessed for this whole experience, and I'm so proud of Ty and you all — no matter how it goes.

Ty always amazes me with his class and dignity and gentlemanly competitive spirit. I will sure be on pins and needles watching tonight with fingers crossed!

Hopefully we will get to stay another week as I will have to stay in L.A. no matter what because my album "Lullaby" comes out today and I will be on "Leno" on Friday night and a few other TV shows to support it and sing.

I hope Ty is still here to keep each other company!

As always, we love reading your comments,


'I have to do a 15 second solo during the Rumba'

May 3, 2009

Hello troops,

It's about 5 o'clock here and I just got back to the apartment. We had a good day that started off with Chelsie and me practicing for three hours and then we went to camera blocking, which went well.

So far, out of all the dances I've learned, the Argentine Tango is my favorite, but they both went pretty good during the camera blocking.

I really like both of our songs. The Argentine Tango is a really traditional song and then "Free Fallin" by Tom Petty, I really like that too. So everything is coming along pretty good.

I have to do a 15 second solo during the Rumba and we've been working on that and it's coming right along as well.

We do have quite a few lifts in the Argentine Tango, so I'm pretty sore with having had both my shoulders operated on and a plate put in my neck. I get a little sore up in the shoulder area from doing all the lifts. It's no big deal and they're just knots, so I have a sports therapist coming over in about 30 minutes to work on that.

I'll be feeling good by tomorrow and we'll be ready to go.

I just want to say that I have first class fans, who don't get into all the hog wash and garbage slinging or trash talking. It's nice to see that my fans have enough class and dignity to remember that it's just a television show.

Everybody's trying their hardest and bearing down and trying to do a good job of entertaining the viewers.

Keep up the good work and I will talk to you tomorrow, bye.

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