To ESPY or not to ESPY

Courtesy PBR

I was blown away by the responses we got from the last blog.

After reading through all the comments, they decided that the winner is Trooper Po, and I must agree that she was awesome in addressing what I asked for. It was very well written and she did a great job of researching and supporting her case with facts.

The committee thought she was the one who should get the buckle, but there were great comments, opinions, ideas and feedback from most everyone.

The nominations for the ESPYs are this Thursday, and the PBR has put together some great presentations that have been forwarded on to the ESPY committee for their consideration, so we hope to find out something this week as to whether or not we've made it into any of the categories.

I will update you on that in my next blog.

Our office in Pueblo is 33,000 square feet and we employ 110 team members — personally I feel like we have a solid team from top to bottom with great leadership — and everyone's working really hard, but it's nice and tremendously helpful to have our fans helping us with these types of projects.

Our main mission when we started the PBR was to make it better for the fans, because the better it is for the fans, the better it is for everyone.

We're still trying to do just that, and to also make more people aware of our sport and understand it, so even if you're just a fan it gets better because there's not only more coverage, but also better coverage.

We want it to get to a point where it's the same for our fans as it is for any other sport. We want you to be able to turn on ESPN and find out something that's going on in the PBR, or to open up the sports section of any newspaper in the country and find out what's going on in the sport of bull riding.

We want to be a staple in Sports Illustrated and USA Today, and we're going to keep working towards just that.

It's not just for the business or the riders. It's for everyone. I'm not just saying that. I'm saying it because it's true. If it continues to get better for the fans, then it'll continue to get better for everyone else.

And I just think that we have a sport that broke out of a subculture years ago, and now we need the cowboy army to show the mainstream how big and strong it really is.

Our fans have proven themselves to be passionate and loyal, and that's something that we, as the PBR, do not take for granted. We hold the integrity of our sport in the highest regard, but I just want the world to know what our fans already know: just how great it is, how amazing the athletes are, how great the bulls are and what goes on.

I'm so proud of everything the PBR is doing. I'm proud of what we represent and how much skill and athleticism goes into being an athlete in the PBR.

I just want to see it continue to grow. That's all we want and that's exactly what we've been doing since 1992.

Going back to what Trooper Po wrote regarding my last blog, I thought her entry really embodied a lot of my thoughts. It was just one more indication that we're doing something right. We just have to keep moving forward and can't afford to let up.

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