Extreme Makeover


ProRodeo roper Tee Woolman, wife Jacque, and teenage son Walker recently took part in the hit cable program While You Were Out.

Tee, a three-time world champion team roper who earlier this year was selected for induction into the ProRodeo Hall of Fame, sent Jacque out of town for a couple of days to a friend's house in Hemstead, Texas, telling her that they were producing a "ranching documentary and that they needed a couple of girls to ride and rope."

"She didn't have a clue," Tee said. "I mean not a clue."

With Jacque out of the loop, Tee, Walker and an enthusiastic interior design crew revamped the Woolman's master bedroom.

The program aired April 23 on The Learning Channel.

Tee displayed his wit and humor during the show, taking part in a pretend nail gun fight with one of the crew members, and trading good-spirited barbs with some of the others.

"That crew does a fantastic job," Tee said. "We ate a lot, talked a lot and worked a little bit. It was fun. They kind of made it more rustic-like, painted it and put a rail up. It kind of looks like a barnyard corral in there; put up some horseshoes, restained some drawers, built a desk and built an entertainment center. It turned out really good."

When Jacque returned, Tee had to meet her in the barn and stall for about 15 minutes so the crew could finish some last-minute details.

As they walked to the bedroom, a caught-off-guard Jacque opened and immediately shut the bedroom door.

"She opened that door and there were cameras, lights and four strangers looking at her and she jerked that door shut," Tee said. "She said, 'I'm not going in there.' I said oh yes you are. So I'm standing in the hall, pushing and shoving her and trying to get her to go in and finally we get her to go in."

Jacque told the crew that she loved the changes.

To top things off, the Woolman family won some nice prizes for answering some questions about each other.

The prizes, worth about $3,500, included a sheepskin rug, a wagon wheel chandelier and a leather and cowhide chair.

Tee answered the first question, which was how many steers out of 15 did your wife miss during a roping practice at the ranch she was at in Hemstead?

"I was fixing to answer it and he stopped me and said, 'You are going to answer this aren't you?' I said yeah, you asked me the question. He said, 'I was going to give you a multiple choice, but go ahead and guess. I said she probably missed about four. His chin dropped about a foot. He said, 'How did you know that?' I said this is what I do for a living."

Jacque followed up by answering a question about Tee.

"They were really nice," Tee said. "There were about 20 people and they just take over your house, cater lunch and cook breakfast. It was really exciting."

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