Cowboy Grille ... Chet Johnson


PSN: How would you describe your year?
CJ: I have been real blessed the whole year. The winter was real good, but the summer was a little slow. This fall, things have been looking up again, so I am pretty pleased.
PSN: How did it feel to win the Wrangler Tour round at RodeoHouston this year?
CJ: That was really fun. Doing well at that big of a rodeo at that time of the year really gives you a lot of confidence, and I was pretty happy with how it all turned out.
PSN: What has been the difference in your riding this year?
CJ: It just seems like I have been drawing well the whole year, and I have been able to stay healthy. Last year, I got hurt halfway through the year and had to be out from Cheyenne on.
PSN: What was the injury?
CJ: I broke my heel bone. It was horrible.
PSN: How much do you and Jeffery Willert feed off each other since you are both having amazing years?
CJ: When we are both winning, I think it sure helps out with our confidence and attitudes. To see and be around those who are successful, your expectations are higher, and it helps you be the best.
PSN: Are you having a lot of people wanting to travel with you and Jeffery since you have been so successful this year?
CJ: I don't know about that. We have two other traveling partners, Cody Taton and Chad Ferley, and they have been having pretty good years. I wouldn't say we are having people knocking down our doors to travel with us.
PSN: How did you and Jeffery become traveling partners?
CJ: A couple years ago in Reno, he wanted to travel with someone closer to home. At the time, he was traveling with some guys from Texas. I was starting to have a good year that year, so we decided to travel together starting then, and things have continued to work out. I didn't know him very well before Reno, but we get along pretty good.
PSN: What are your thoughts as you near your first Wrangler NFR?
CJ: I am pretty excited about it. It is one of those goals that a guy sets and to get there is pretty awesome. I don't know if it has sunk in yet, but I am definitely ready to get there and see what it is all about.
PSN: What do you enjoy doing away from the arena?
CJ: I like to play golf, but I am not very good at it. We also play a lot of cards, and we mostly play Texas Hold'em. We bought the poker set, and we play for hours.
PSN: What made you want to be a saddle bronc rider?
CJ: My dad used to ride some, so I guess that is where I picked it up. For me, it was the neatest event to watch growing up, and I think it is the true cowboy event. I got on my first bronc in the eighth grade, but got pretty beat up and quit doing it for a couple years. I started again my sophomore year and have been at it ever since.
PSN: Have you competed in other events?
CJ: I got on seven bulls in college because I was bored, but decided I wasn't that bored and stopped doing that. I did a little team roping, but wasn't very good at it, so I have stuck with the bronc riding.
PSN: Favorite sports to watch on TV?
CJ: Hockey and football.
PSN: Favorite teams?
CJ: I like the San Francisco 49ers, although they have not been that much fun to watch the last couple years, and the New Jersey Devils. I was happy to see hockey back because I missed it during the playoff season.
PSN: Favorite restaurant?
CJ: Texas Roadhouse. I hadn't eaten at one until I was in Fort Collins the other day, but I really liked it.
PSN: Favorite kind of candy bar?
CJ: Whatchamacallit.
PSN: Favorite TV show?
CJ: Seinfeld and That 70's Show.
PSN: Food you most dislike?
CJ: I don't like anything from Taco Bell. I am more of a Taco John's fan.
PSN: Favorite movie?
CJ: Wedding Crashers.
PSN: Worst movie you have ever seen?
CJ: Sideways. I thought it was pretty stupid.
PSN: Favorite subject in high school?
CJ: History.
PSN: Who is the most likeable saddle bronc rider?
CJ: I would have to say Billy Etbauer. He has won so much, but I don't think he has changed a bit. He will do anything for anybody.
PSN: If you could trade places with anyone in the world, who would it be?
CJ: I think it would be interesting to see what the President goes through in a day. I am not sure I would want to make any decisions, but I think it would be cool to see what a day in the life of the President would be like.
PSN: If you could date any celebrity in the world, who would it be?
CJ: I would have to say Jessica Biel from 7th Heaven.
PSN: Any superstitions?
CJ: I don't eat chicken before I ride. I tried to test it out a couple times, and I just got drilled, so I only eat it after I ride, if I
eat it at all.

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