Cowboy Grille ... Clint Craig


PSN: How would you describe your year thus far?
CC: The first five months were kind of rough, so I took about a month off from May to June and ever since then, things have been going a lot better. I think the time allowed me to get healed up. I was riding with separated ribs during the first half of the year and when you are trying to ride hurt, there are a million other things you are thinking about instead of focusing on your ride. Hopefully, I will make a good run this fall to make the (Wrangler) NFR.
PSN: What made you want to become a bull rider?
CC: It is all I have ever wanted to do since I was little. My dad, Dale, rode bulls and though I never actually saw him ride because he had retired, looking at the old pictures of him riding and being around the ranching lifestyle made me want to pursue this lifestyle.
PSN: Did you ever consider any other event?
CC: My mom and dad tried to deter me from riding bulls when I first started riding. They pushed team roping, so for many years I competed in the team roping and was pretty good at it, but it just wasn't my cup of tea. I always wanted to ride bulls. When I was in high school, I rode broncs for a year, but after that year, I decided I would stick with bull riding.
PSN: How did you convince your parents to let you be a bull rider?
CC: They were very supportive of whatever I wanted to do as long as it was constructive. My mom, Kelly, is really the reason I was able to be a bull rider. My dad didn't want me to rodeo as much because he knew what it was like and that it was a rough lifestyle with no guarantees. My mom is the reason I am rodeoing today because she helped convince my dad to let me pursue a rodeo career.
PSN: Do the guys give you a hard time about being from Arkansas?
CC: A little bit. I love Arkansas and where I am from and am very appreciative of the support I get from my hometown. Recently, I had a fallin' in with the Texans, and a lot of people forget that I am from Arkansas because of who I hang out with. They just count me as another Texan.
PSN: Who's the crew from Texas you hang out with?
CC: Bryan Richardson, Colby Yates, Logan Knibbe and Matt Austin.
PSN: How would you describe your hometown of Mena, Ark.?
CC: It is a small town with the Ouachita Mountains surrounding it. It is real pretty and has an elevation of 3,000 feet. We live in the valley, and my family has a cattle ranch with about 400 head.
PSN: Are you an Arkansas Razorbacks fan?
CC: I like the Razorbacks. I am big on supporting the home state and where you are from. The other team I enjoy is the Florida State Seminoles. I am a big college football fan and excited for a new season.
PSN: If you were commissioner of the PRCA for one day, what would you do?
CC: Work as an agent for the cowboys in getting the rodeo committees to provide more for the contestants.
PSN: Favorite movie?
CC: Lonesome Dove. I watch it all the time and since it is such a long movie, it usually will last me at least a week.
PSN: Most recent movie you have seen?
CC: Dukes of Hazard and Wedding Crashers. I probably liked Dukes of Hazard the best.
PSN: TV show you are most ashamed to tell people you watch?
CC: Everybody Loves Raymond. This past week, I have really been getting into Gunsmoke again. I used to watch it a lot as a kid, but hadn't seen it for a while. It is fun to be watching it again.
PSN: If you weren't a bull rider, what do you think you would be doing?
CC: I would be working as a cattle rancher. When I retire, I will probably run a cattle ranch in Arkansas and Texas. I am also interested in the bull business and would like to some day raise a bull and take it to the Wrangler NFR.
PSN: What has been the most memorable rodeo moment in your career?
CC: Winning the Tour Finale (Pace Picante ProRodeo Chute-out) in 2003 and then making the Wrangler NFR last year.
PSN: Favorite type of music?
CC: I like all types of music, but I probably listen to country the most.
PSN: Favorite singer?
CC: Colby Yates. He sings a couple Gary Allan songs that I like.
PSN: Favorite home-cooked meal?
CC: My favorite food it probably macaroni and cheese. I will eat it three days out of the week. Every time I go home, I always ask for macaroni and cheese. I also like ranch-style beans.
PSN: Favorite vacation spot?
CC: I like skiing. I got into that this winter in Colorado. I really enjoyed Winter Park.

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