Cowboy Grille ... Hunter Herrin


PSN: How did you get involved in rodeo?
HH: My dad, Bob Nunn, has roped all his life, and I just grew up wanting to be a roper. I just wanted to be like dad, I guess.
PSN: How would you describe your year?
HH: It started out real slow, but since Salinas (Calif.) it has turned around and been pretty good. It seems like ever since Salinas things have been going a lot better for me.
PSN: What has been the key to your success this year?
HH: I think I am roping with a lot more confidence now, and I feel more relaxed. Instead of being pressured up, I am staying relaxed and just going out and roping like I know how. Having more experience at this level has also helped my roping.
PSN: What are your thoughts going to your first Pace Series event?
HH: Just to back in there and run every calf as itself and not worry about what the other guys do. Just take one calf at a time. I feel pretty good going in, and I think it will fit my style pretty good. Guys have told me there isn't much of a start on them, so just let them go, catch and tie them fast.
PSN: How much has your traveling partner, Jerome Schneeberger, helped you this year?
HH: It has been really good. He takes care of all the entering, and I just kind of tag along. You can't beat traveling with someone like him, who has made the Finals and been that successful. He has taken me under his wing and let me learn from him.
PSN: What do you like to do away from the arena?
HH: I like to play basketball and football and also just hang out with friends and family when I am home.
PSN: Are you a big sports fan, and what is your favorite team to watch?
HH: Definitely. My favorite football team would have to be the Dallas Cowboys, even though they aren't that good.
PSN: Are you an Oklahoma or Oklahoma State fan?
HH: Oklahoma State Cowboys. I had a cousin play for OSU, and my dad went to school there, so I root for the Cowboys.
PSN: Do you have any superstitions?
HH: Not really. Every now and then I will stick with something over and over, but it usually doesn't last long because I will screw up and then change it. I am not that big on superstitions.
PSN: What is your favorite rodeo?
HH: It would probably have to be Salinas, just because it is different than the other ones we go to all year. You have to let them out there a ways and go chase them and then tie them fast.
PSN: What is your favorite TV show?
HH: SportsCenter.
PSN: Favorite vacation spot?
HH: Home. We are on the road so much, it is like a vacation when we finally get to go home.
PSN: Highest amount that you have had to pay for gas or diesel this year?
HH: It was $3.25 in Washington.
PSN: What has been the greatest moment of your career thus far?
HH: Winning Lawton (Okla.) was a really big one for me since it was close to home (Apache, Okla.), but the biggest win would have to be winning the Tour round in Puyallup.
PSN: What does it mean to you to have guys like Schneeberger use your horse, Lexus, and win at big events like Ellensburg?
HH: It makes me feel good that someone of that caliber can get on my horse and still beat them and not miss a step. It gives you a lot of confidence in your animals.
PSN: How would you describe your personality?
HH: I am a pretty easygoing guy that likes to have a good time, but still likes to focus on the business at hand.
PSN: Are you a morning person or a night owl?
HH: I am more of a daytime person. About mid-morning is when I like to get up and going.
PSN: What is the best thing about being a professional cowboy?
HH: Just being able to live your dream.
PSN: Have you always wanted to be a cowboy?
HH: When I was in high school, I thought I wanted to play basketball in college, but my senior year all I wanted to do was rope.
PSN: What made you change your mind from a basketball player to roper?
HH: Success. I seemed to be more successful with a rope than a basketball, so here I am.
PSN: Last year was your first year as a PRCA member. How has the experience helped you this year?
HH: It has helped a lot just being around all the guys that win year-in and year-out. At first it is intimidating, but then you realize you just have to take care of business.
PSN: Who are some of your rodeo idols?
HH: Roy Cooper would have to be on the top of the list, but the current guys would have to be Cody Ohl, Trevor Brazile and Jerome Schneeberger.

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