Glause wins Ellensburg Xtreme Bulls


ELLENSBURG, Wash. — The Dodge Xtreme Bulls Tour experiment began here in 2002, and six years later this central Washington town known as Rodeo City, is still a raucous and rowdy venue for the bull riding event.

This year, young Seth Glause gave the fans something to cheer about on a chilly fall evening when he rode two bulls for 174 points to follow in the footsteps of reigning World Champion Wesley Silcox, who won the Ellensburg Xtreme Bulls last year.

In the semifinal round, Glause got the competition started by spurring Burns Rodeo Company's Wicked Willy for 86 points. As often happens, once a bull rider produces a great ride, the momentum builds. Soon, there were three other 86-point scores, an 87, 88, 90 and an exciting 92-point mark turned in by 2006 Xtreme Bulls Overall Champion Zeb Lanham, to lead the round.

The final round, however, was a different story. With a Wrangler National Finals Rodeo-caliber pen of bulls, the cowboys were overmatched. Both Nat Fly and Spud Jones got into the 7-second range before bucking off before the 8-second whistle.

Glause, who also rides saddle broncs, drew a bull from the Corey & Horst Rodeo Company named Northern Chill.

"I had seen my traveling partner get on that bull at the Lewiston (Idaho) Xtreme last year and he was a lot buckier with Ty (Hammaker) than he was with me and I knew I'd need to bear down and try," Glause said. "It was kind of nice. He had me strung out there at the end, and he kind of jumped back underneath me and helped me stay on for a couple more seconds."

All 6-foot-1 of the Rock Springs, Wyo., cowboy was working as the bull jumped and circled to the left — his right arm pumping over his head with every jump. It was the kind of effort that can result in trips to the Wrangler NFR for young cowboys.

With six bull riders yet to ride after his turn was completed, Glause wondered if his performance in the final round would have the same effect that his semifinal round ride did. The bulls, however, proved too tough for the rest of the field.

Nobody else made it to the eight-second whistle.

The $12,986 Glause earned for the win will probably move him from 11th in the Crusher Rentals PRCA World Standings into the top five — meaning a Finals qualification for the second-year hand is much more likely.

"This is by far the biggest win of my career," he said. "It's awesome. It'll probably get me to the Finals, at least I hope it will. That was my goal all year. It's kind of crazy that it's all coming together."

What's more, this watershed moment in his career happened with his dad, Tom, in attendance. The elder Glause, who is a former PRCA saddle bronc rider and is currently a municipal judge in of Rock Springs, was taking the long weekend as an opportunity to help his son.

"My dad helped me drive this week," Seth Glause said. "It was cool he got to be here to watch this. I think he might be more excited than I am."

Semifinal Round: 1. Zeb Lanham, Sweet, Idaho, 92 points on Western Rodeo's Keepsake, $5,076; 2. Dustin Smith, St. Joseph, Ore., 90, $3,892; 3. Nat Fly, Lava Hot Springs, Idaho, 88, $2,876; 4. Marcus Michaelis, Caldwell, Idaho, 87, $1,861; 5. (tie) Allen Helmuth, Ellensburg, Wash.; Dave Samsel, Haslet, Texas; Seth Glause, Rock Springs, Wyo.; and J.W. Harris, May, Texas, 86, $804 each.

Final Round: 1. Seth Glause, 88 points on Corey and Horst Rodeo Company's Northern Chill, $3,722.

Average: 1. Seth Glause, 174 points on two head, $8,460; 2. Zeb Lanham, 92, $6,486; 3. Dustin Smith, 90, $4,794; 4. Nat Fly, 88, $3,102; 5. Marcus Michaelis, 87, $1,974; 6. (tie) Allen Helmuth, Dave Samsel and J.W. Harris, 86, $846 each.