Eight in eight


Each week, ESPN Bull Riding asks the winner of the most recent PBR Built Ford Tough Series event eight pressing questions in eight minutes. This week, ESPN caught up with Travis Briscoe, who won last weekend's Genuity Invitational in Des Moines, Iowa, who was elated with his win.

ESPN.com: How's it feel to get this win?

Travis Briscoe: It felt great. It's been a long time coming. I mean last year, I started off the season stronger than anybody — I won three events right in a row. This year, it took off a little slower for me. I have a lot of expectations, and hopefully they're starting to come in now.

ESPN.com: What made the difference on the winning ride?

Briscoe: To tell you the truth, it has a lot to do with God. I finally quit taking matters into my own hands and let God do his work.

I talked to Chris Shivers last weekend. You know, I've been going through a lot of struggles here lately, just in everyday life, and Chris said, 'Travis, I can see this written all over your face.' He said, 'You're talented enough to do this at any time.' He said, 'I know you can do it, so just go out and do it, and whatever it takes, you've got to find that one thing that drives you to win.'

And I think I found that one thing this weekend, and that's just not really worrying about it — just going ahead and doing it and not thinking about it. Your reaction time and everything else is a whole lot better when you're not thinking. 'Cause in this sport, you have 8 seconds — it's all off reaction. If you think about it, everything goes to crap. So, you can't think about it, you've just got to go out there and do your job.

ESPN.com: How did your style of riding fit the bull you rode in the short go for the win?

Briscoe: I got on Chester; everybody told me he was a good bull. Brian Canter won the event on him in Omaha. He's a little black bald-faced bull. I say little, but he's actually a pretty big bull.
Round to the left, he went into my hand, and he fit my style. I have a tendency to really get behind a bull and set up when a lot of guys try to get out over him. He really just fit me great.

ESPN.com: Do you prefer a two day event over the three-day events?

Briscoe: You know, I can't say that I favor to either one of them, but I do like being home, so I like these two day events. I like them all. I guess it just depends on the weekend. It's your job and they pay you to ride everything you get on.

ESPN.com: Is there any luck involved in winning a two-day event?

Briscoe: Yeah, I guess you could say so. I really don't know — you're getting on two bulls and your body's not as wore out and everything else. And then a tight race like it was today — you got Chris Shivers right on my tail and, man, if he'd have rode his bull, he would have won the event. I didn't expect for him to buck off at all. Things just went my way today. I got on three great bulls this weekend, and was able to ride them.

ESPN.com: You talked about Chris Shivers helping you out last week; do you have guys that you look up to on tour — guys that act as a mentor for you?

Briscoe: Wiley Peterson, a guy like that, and Chris Shivers, he's always been kind of a guy to help me out. I remember he gave me a bull rope before I'd ever been on tour, in '05, 'cause I had lost mine. A lot of sports are all competitive and everything else, but really, we're all friends and we cheer each other on. We love to see great bull riding, even when they beat us.

ESPN.com: Is that your favorite part of being a bull rider — the camaraderie?

Briscoe: Yeah, it is — it's like a big family here. And I think that's why our fan base goes up all the time. You've got 40 real people here in this organization, and that's just the bull riders. You talk about Randy Bernard or all the staff, it's just real people — down to earth — that are willing to take time for people and so, it makes it easy on a guy.

ESPN.com: What are your goals for the rest of the season?

Briscoe: I just want to go ahead and talk about the situation when it comes. I expect a lot of things, though, I can tell you that. I expect a great season. But, when that time comes and the next win comes, we'll talk about it.

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