Indy 500 pole starters

INDIANAPOLIS -- The pole position starters in the
Indianapolis 500, with average qualifying speed in mph and finish
in the race (Fast qualifier, if different from pole-starter, listed
in parentheses):

1911-Lewis Strang, awarded pole, finished 29th
1912-Gil Anderson, 80.93, drew pole, finished 16th (David
Bruce-Brown, 88.45, started 23rd, finished 22nd)
1913-Caleb Bragg, 87.34, drew pole, finished 15th (Jack Tower,
88.23, started 25th, finished 19th)
1914-Jean Chassagne, 88.31, drew pole, finished 29th (George
Boillot, 99.86, started 29th, finished 14th)
1915-Howdy Wilcox, 98.90, finished 7th
1916-Johnny Aitken, 96.69, finished 15th
1917-No race, World War I
1918-No race, World War I
1919-Rene Thomas, 104.78, finished 11th
1920-Ralph DePalma, 99.15, finished 5th
1921-Ralph DePalma, 100.75, finished 12th
1922-Jimmy Murphy, 100.50, finished 1st
1923-Tommy Milton, 108.17, finished 1st
1924-Jimmy Murphy, 108.037, finished 3rd
1925-Leon Duray, 113.196, finished 6th
1926-Earl Cooper, 111.735, finished 16th
1927-Frank Lockhart, 120.100, finished 18th
1928-Leon Duray, 122.391, finished 19th
1929-Cliff Woodbury, 120.599, finished 33rd
1930-Billy Arnold, 113.268, finished 1st
1931-Russ Snowberger, 112.796, finished 5th (Billy Arnold,
116.080, started 18th, finished 19th)
1932-Lou Moore, 117.363, finished 25th
1933-Bill Cummings, 118.524, finished 25th
1934-Kelly Petillo, 119.329, finished 11th
1935-Rex Mays, 120.736, finished 17th
1936-Rex Mays, 119.644, finished 15th
1937-Bill Cummings, 123.343, finished 6th (Jimmy Snyder,
125.287, started 19th, finished 32nd)
1938-Floyd Roberts, 125.681, finished 1st (Ronnie Householder,
125.769, started 10th, finished 14th)
1939-Jimmy Snyder, 130.138, finished 2nd
1940-Rex Mays, 127.850, finished 2nd
1941-Mauri Rose, 128.691, finished 26th
1942-No race, World War II
1943-No race, World War II
1944-No race, World War II
1945-No race, World War II
1946-Cliff Bergere, 126.471, finished 16th (Ralph Hepburn,
133.944, started 19th, finished 14th)
1947-Ted Horn, 126.564, finished 3rd (Bill Holland, 128.755,
started 8th, finished 2nd)
1948-Rex Mays, 130.577, finished 19th (Duke Nalon, 131.603,
started 11th, finished 3rd)
1949-Duke Nalon, 132.939, finished 29th
1950-Walt Faulkner, 134.343, finished 7th
1951-Duke Nalon, 136.498, finished 10th (Walt Faulkner, 136.872,
started 14th, finished 15th)
1952-Freddie Agabashian, 138.010, finished 27th (Chet Miller,
139.034, started 27th, finished 30th)
1953-Bill Vukovich, 138.392, finished 1st
1954-Jack McGrath, 141.033, finished 3rd
1955-Jerry Hoyt, 140.045, finished 31st (Jack McGrath, 142.580,
started 3rd, finished 26th)
1956-Pat Flaherty, 145.596, finished 1st
1957-Pat O'Connor, 143.948, finished 8th (Paul Russo, 144.817,
started 10th, finished 4th)
1958-Dick Rathmann, 145.974, finished 27th
1959-Johnny Thomson, 145.908, finished 3rd
1960-Eddie Sachs, 146.592, finished 21st (Jim Hurtubise,
149.056, started 23rd, finished 18th)
1961-Eddie Sachs, 147.481, finished 2nd
1962-Parnelli Jones, 150.370, finished 7th
1963-Parnelli Jones, 151.153, finished 1st
1964-Jim Clark, 158.828, finished 24th
1965-A.J. Foyt, 161.233, finished 15th
1966-Mario Andretti, 165.889, finished 18th
1967-Mario Andretti, 168.982, finished 30th
1968-Joe Leonard, 171.559, finished 12th
1969-A.J. Foyt, 170.568, finished 8th
1970-Al Unser, 170.221, finished 1st
1971-Peter Revson, 178.696, finished 2nd
1972-Bobby Unser, 195.940, finished 30th
1973-Johnny Rutherford, 198.413, finished 9th
1974-A.J. Foyt, 191.632, finished 15th
1975-A.J. Foyt, 193.976, finished 3rd
1976-Johnny Rutherford, 188.957, finished 1st (Mario Andretti,
189.404, started 19th, finished 8th)
1977-Tom Sneva, 198.884, finished 2nd
1978-Tom Sneva, 202.156, finished 2nd
1979-Rick Mears, 193.736, finished 1st
1980-Johnny Rutherford, 192.256, finished 1st
1981-Bobby Unser, 200.546, finished 1st (Tom Sneva, 200.691,
started 20th, finished 25th)
1982-Rick Mears, 207.004, finished 2nd
1983-Teo Fabi, 207.395, finished 26th
1984-Tom Sneva, 210.029, finished 16th
1985-Pancho Carter, 212.583, finished 33rd
1986-Rick Mears, 216.828, finished 3rd
1987-Mario Andretti, 215.390, finished 9th
1988-Rick Mears, 219.198 finished 1st
1989-Rick Mears, 223.885, finished 23rd
1990-Emerson Fittipaldi, 225.301, finished 3rd
1991-Rick Mears, 224.113, finished 1st (Gary Bettenhausen,
224.468, started 13th, finished 22nd)
1992-Roberto Guerrero, 232.482, finished 33rd
1993-Arie Luyendyk, 223.967, finished 2nd
1994-Al Unser Jr., 228.011, finished 1st
1995-Scott Brayton, 231.604, finished 17th
1996-a-Tony Stewart, 233.100, finished 24th (Arie Luyendyk,
236.986, started 20th, finished 16th)
1997-Arie Luyendyk, 218.263, finished 1st
1998-Billy Boat, 223.503, finished 23rd
1999-Arie Luyendyk, 225.179, finished 22nd
2000-Greg Ray, 223.471, finished 33rd
2001-Scott Sharp, 226.037
2002-Bruno Junqueira, 231.342, finished 31st
2003-Helio Castroneves, 231.725, finished 2nd
2004-Buddy Rice, 222.024, finished 1st
2005-Tony Kanaan, 227.566, race is May 29

a-Scott Brayton qualified for the 1996 pole at 233.718 but was killed
in practice.