Clemens to serve as grand marshal for Houston GP

4/20/2007 - Roger Clemens

HOUSTON -- Roger Clemens squeezed into the go-kart affixed
with the No. 22 on the front, pulled down the visor on his helmet
and sped away.

The Rocket screeched and spun around the miniature track at
Reliant Stadium on Thursday with Mike Capel, his former college
teammate at Texas.

Clemens will be the grand marshal for Sunday's Champ Car Grand
Prix of Houston. First, he'll compete in a charity go-kart race on
Saturday and based on his trial runs, he doesn't like his chances.

"I'm just glad my kids aren't here to make me look bad,"
Clemens said, sweat-drenched, after skidding to a stop.

Clemens has said he'll decide in May if he'll return for a 23rd
season. The seven-time Cy Young winner says he'll choose between
his hometown Houston Astros, the Boston Red Sox and the New York

He was still wavering this week.

"There are weeks that go by when I feel like I can no longer do
it," he said, "and then a couple days later I go out and throw
batting practice and my body feels good."

He was more concerned on Thursday with outracing Capel, who
lives in Katy and remains one of Clemens' closest friends. Capel
edged Clemens on their first practice run, but Clemens got him in
the rematch.

"It's not fun when someone passes you and they're smiling,"
Clemens said.