Animal rights advocate Biffle says put Vick in prison

Farmington Hills, Mich. -- NASCAR racer and animal rights advocate Greg Biffle didn't mince any words when it comes to indicted quarterback Michael Vick: "I just wish they'd put him in jail and be done with it."

Biffle was asked about Vick during a promotional appearance July 25 for this month's Nextel Cup race at Michigan International Speedway.

Vick, the Atlanta Falcons star quarterback, was indicted last week on federal charges related to dogfighting operation he allegedly ran out of a home he owns in rural Virginia. If convicted, he could get up to six years in prison.

The founder of the Greg Biffle Foundation for Animals said Vick deserves the stiffest punishment possible.

"Just put him in prison and tell the general public, just give them all the details of what they do with those dogs," Biffle said. "How they steal people's dogs out of their front yards and use them for bait dogs and let other dogs kill them. There's all the horrifying stories. You look at all the pictures on the Internet of the dogs, just maimed, mangled. It's horrible."

Biffle's foundation donates to local Humane Societies, no-kill animal shelters, spay and neuter clinics and the Animal Adoption League. He hopes the Vick case will help stamp out the dogfighting underworld.

"It goes on everywhere. He's not the only guy. It goes on in this state too," Biffle said. "Maybe they'll use him as an example and maybe get some other people to think about whether they want to be in federal prison with him or not."