KISS circuit: Simmons signs deal to promote IRL


INDIANAPOLIS -- Don't be surprised to find a checkered flag
soon amid the black-and-white KISS face paint of tongue-wagging
bassist Gene Simmons.

Simmons and marketing partner Richard Abramson have signed a
deal to promote the Indy Racing League, the open-wheeled circuit

The promotion campaign features a 91-second anthem called "I Am
Indy" co-authored by Simmons, performed by the band BAG.

The lyrics, which repeat the song's title "I Am Indy," preach
about individuality and top-speed performance: "I am everything I
want/ I have everything I need/ I know exactly what to do/ 'cuz I
am Indy."

"It's a personal statement that's a sort of personal allegiance
to the United States of Indy," Simmons said.

The Indianapolis-based IRL posted the song on its Web site,

Details of the rest of the campaign were being kept under wraps
-- a spokesman declined to release the length and cost of the
contract -- but Simmons said it would include an Indy-related
clothing line.

The IRL is trying to increase its fan base.

"I think it's very aggressive and I think it's exactly what the
IndyCar Series needs," said Brian Barnhart, IRL's president and
chief operating officer.