After positive test results, Kovalainen may be heading home soon

BARCELONA, Spain -- Heikki Kovalainen said from a hospital bed Monday that he hopes to race in Turkey in two weeks despite his high-speed crash at the Spanish Grand Prix this past weekend.

The McLaren driver was traveling at 150 mph when his car went off the track and slammed into the protective wall at the Circuit de Catalunya on Sunday. The 26-year-old Finn, who was briefly unconscious, apparently escaped without serious injury.

Kovalainen was expected to be released from the hospital Monday. A hospital spokesman had said earlier Monday that the driver would remain in the hospital for a second night, but team officials said the release time was moved up after a series of tests and scans showed no problems.

Kovalainen said he had a slight headache and a stiff neck, but was optimistic he will be allowed to drive at the Turkish GP on May 11.

"My focus is on getting better as soon as possible so I can pass the FIA medical inspection required to allow me to race in Turkey," he said in a statement, adding that he didn't remember anything from the accident or its aftermath.