Anderson hopeful for 2011 entry

Updated: March 2, 2010, 9:10 PM ET news services

Team US FI has told its staff to stop working on the current car, but team boss Ken Anderson hopes the team can make it to Formula 1 for the 2011 season, reported Tuesday.

Sources told the Web site that team personnel were put on unpaid leave Tuesday.

Anderson, however, said he is hoping to just defer the team's entry until next season.

"We have applied to the FIA to hold our entry until 2011," quoted Anderson as saying. "It was supposed to be confidential, so I could not really comment on it. It seems to have leaked out though.

"We are waiting for a reply from the FIA and are working with them. In the meantime, there is nothing for the employees to do, so we have told them to stop working on the current car until we have a decision."

This move could possibly open the door for the FIA to offer an entry to Serbian team Stefan GP. Another option would be to close entries for this season, leaving just 12 teams on the grid, and allowing Stefan GP to apply for the 2011 title.