October top fighters by division

What changes were made in the weight class rankings for October? Dan Rafael reveals his new world standings.

Originally Published: October 13, 2005
By Dan Rafael | ESPN.com

Check out my rankings within each boxing division by clicking on the links below. The next rankings will be updated on Nov. 10.

Who is the world's best fighter, regardless of weight class? See my pound-for-pound rankings.

Note: Results through Oct. 12:

Vitali Klitschko

1. Vitali Klitschko (35-2)

The long and winding road to a fight with former champ Hasim Rahman is nearly over as the year's biggest heavyweight match is finally set.
Next: Nov. 12 vs. Rahman

2. Chris Byrd (39-2-1)

On behalf of all insomniac boxing fans, thank you for curing us with that wretched fight against DaVarryl Williamson on Oct. 1. That was the worst heavyweight title fight we have ever seen.
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3. James Toney (69-4-2)

In first fight since testing positive for steroids and being stripped of a title, Toney did his part by outclassing Dominick Guinn to win a decision. However, because Byrd looked so putrid in the other half of the doubleheader, Showtime has cooled to the idea of a Byrd-Toney showdown.
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4. Lamon Brewster (33-2)

Give him credit for having the guts to go to Germany to defend his title. It wasn't easy, but Brewster -- on what would have been the 100th birthday of German legend Max Schmeling -- rallied from a points deficit on the scorecards to drop Luan Krasniqi in the eighth and stop him in the ninth.
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5. John Ruiz (41-5-1)

Fraud titlist is out of sight and out of mind. Let's keep it that way.

6. Hasim Rahman (40-5-1)

Between a lawsuit with promoter Don King and recent bankruptcy filing, the former champ is set when it comes to finding excuses if he loses to Klitschko.
Next: Nov. 12 vs. V. Klitschko

7. Wladimir Klitschko (45-3)

Although he clearly won a decision against Samuel Peter and showed stamina in doing so, his performance was a disappointment. He was knocked down three times and spent most of the night clutching into Peter for dear life, in his best Ruiz impression.
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8. Calvin Brock (26-0)

Will stay busy by fighting in his hometown of Charlotte, N.C., next month against journeyman David Bostice while awaiting a more significant fight early next year. We'd love to see him fight someone like David Tua.
Next: Nov. 19 vs. Bostice

9. Samuel Peter (24-1)

Just because he lost to Wladimir Klitschko, do not give up on him. He's still only 24 and he proved he has the power and chin to be a champion. However, he also proved he needs to improve his technique, strategy and corner if he wants to be a champion.
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10. Jameel McCline (32-5-3)

After years of fighting top names and back-to-back losses to Brock and Byrd, "Big Time" is taking a second consecutive breather when he faces Zuri Lawrence (19-10-4), who has no knockouts.
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