Zab Judah has dad do promotional conference call

Updated: May 23, 2007, 11:33 PM ET
Associated Press

NEW YORK -- Welterweight Zab Judah pulled a fast one on promoters and the media Wednesday, allowing his father, Yoel, to replace him on a conference call.

Judah was supposedly publicizing his June 9 fight with undefeated WBA champion Miguel Cotto. The call lasted about 30 minutes, during which Judah told sports writers, "We are going in to take the title, you are going to see blood, guts and sweat. You are going to see somebody hit the floor, I promise you."

Moments after the conference call concluded, Top Rank publicist Lee Samuels was contacted by several writers who said they believed Zab Judah was not providing the answers.

"We don't promote Zab, we promote Cotto," Samuels said. "So I immediately checked with Judah's camp and they said it was his father on the conference call."

Samuels said a few of the phrases used by Judah tipped the writers that it was a hoax.

"Mea culpa," Samuels said. "I called Zab's number 10 minutes ahead to make sure he would be ready and I assumed the person I was talking to was Zab. I've been doing conference calls for Top Rank since 1982 and I've never been snookered like this before. I would have made a lousy contestant on the game show 'To Tell The Truth.' But I do apologize to the media for this."

Samuels said Top Rank would attempt to reschedule a conference call, this time with the correct Judah. And he promised that next Wednesday's call with Cotto will feature the real thing.

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