Tyson wants to work in heavyweight Ibragimov's corner


NEW YORK -- Mike Tyson has applied to work the corner of
heavyweight Sultan Ibragimov during his WBO title fight against
Shannon Briggs on Saturday night in Atlantic City, N.J.

Tyson sent an incomplete application to the New Jersey Athletic
Control Board on Tuesday and will need to answer two more questions
before he is considered for a license as a second in the undefeated
Russian's corner.

The former heavyweight champion has been an unofficial adviser
to Ibragimov in the past and attended Ibragimov's Dec. 15, 2005
knockout of Lance Whitaker.

The application left blank which boxer Tyson was applying to
assist, and whether Tyson knew of any medical conditions affecting
the fighter.

Nicholas Lembo, counsel for the NJACB, said there was still time
for Tyson to be considered for the license if he quickly refiles a
complete application.

"We have not considered any action on it because it is
incomplete," Lembo said Wednesday. "It was simply returned for
completion. Once it is submitted in complete form, there will be a
consideration of the application for a license."

Tyson needs permission by a judge to travel outside Arizona and
California while his drug charges are pending.

"Whether or not it is granted depends on the information
provided," Lembo said.

Mario Costa, one of Ibragimov's trainers, has known Tyson since
1983. He said Tyson was granted permission to attend his daughter's
high school graduation in Washington on Friday. Costa said Tyson
would then travel to Atlantic City for the fight.

"Sultan gets confidence when he sees him," Costa said.
"Before the Whitaker fight, in the dressing room, Mike was showing
Sultan what to do and Sultan was excited he would do that."

Last Thursday, Tyson was allowed to leave Arizona for addiction
treatment in California. He faces charges of drug possession and
driving under the influence of drugs following an arrest in
Scottsdale last year.

Attorney David Chesnoff said Maricopa County Superior Court
Judge Sherry Stephens has allowed Tyson to travel outside those
states if he gives three days' notice and gets approval from county