Arum returns Olympic gold medal to De La Hoya

10/1/2007 - Boxing

LOS ANGELES -- Oscar De La Hoya had the Olympic gold medal
that he won at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics returned to him Monday
by promoter Bob Arum.

The medal changed hands in the Cecilia De La Hoya Cancer Center
at White Memorial Hospital in East Los Angeles. In turn, De La Hoya
presented the medal to the cancer center, where it will be on
display through the end of the year.

De La Hoya's mother died at the hospital in 1991.

De La Hoya had promised his mother that he would win Olympic
gold for her.

"It started all my dreams. It made me the person I am today,"
a somber De La Hoya said. "I get chills talking about it and
thinking about it. This is a part of my heart. Now it's complete
and now I'm going to give part of my heart back to the hospital."

In 1996, De La Hoya presented the medal to Arum on his 65th
birthday as a gesture of gratitude to his former promoter.

"I was appreciative, it was a wonderful gesture," Arum said.
"But I said in front of everybody that I didn't win this medal, he
won this medal and that when he retired, I would return it to

Arum helped De La Hoya form his own company Golden Boy
Promotions, but the two men had a falling out in 2004.

Recently, De La Hoya and Arum have reunited to co-promote
several fights after splitting professionally for a time. Fighters
representing both of their companies -- Golden Boy Promotions and
Arum's Top Rank -- will compete this weekend in Las Vegas.