At least it's not soccer

Updated: October 25, 2008, 8:13 PM ET
By Jay Cronley | Special to

Here are the major results from Psycho Saturday where, near one point in time, horses were charging for the wire over the short brown stuff at Santa Anita; where T. Boone Pickens, was on the sideline of the Oklahoma State-Texas game -- he's a senior partner with the Cowboys -- seeming to explain how there were more billions where the others had come from before the market tanked; where somebody was running a kick way back against Oklahoma for about the fiftieth time this season; where Georgia was strolling through LSU's defense; and where Kansas fans were wondering what numbskull scheduled Texas Tech for Homecoming.

It's official, the Pro-Ride racing surface is the same as brown grass.

It looks something like freeze dried peat moss and gave rise to a Euro domination of the Saturday races, green and beige surfaces alike.

Here's one good thing about what's sure to be a Euro invasion for races over what amounts to freeze-dried grass races everywhere, in general, and to Santa Anita for a replay of the Cup next year, in particular: at least it's not soccer.

Elite-level American horses going to this surface for the first time, after a career on dirt, are well advised to bring your lunch. Being passed by six or seven synthetic specialists calls for a sugar cube fix.

On lower-level racing, lonely speed maybe the goods upon occasion.

In the higher income bracket, the Pro-Ride home stretch is highly conducive to slow lanes and passing lanes, like the LA freeways.

The specifics of Pro-Ride and other products like it will give birth to new breeding statistics, bloodlines for the short, brown material. Being a great dirt horse like Curlin is now approximately one-third the battle to become known as one of the all-time greatest.

How many winners on manufactured surfaces will move to the real dirt for a change?

Oh, maybe for a Triple Crown try now and again.

On the whole, it appeared to be a very healthy weekend, with horses gliding steroid-free over the friendly main track. Here's what the Euros are thinking: Wax it up and let's do it again.

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