Gary West
A world of possibilities

Here is a new way to look at the 2014 racing season.

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Bill Finley
Eclipse Award musings

My ballot is in and it was not an easy task this year.

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Jay Cronley
Hopeful new year

The only resolution that I have a chance to keep is the one about not making resolutions in 2014.

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Bill Finley
An example to follow

Transparency is strictly enforced in Hong Kong racing. The American horse racing industry should watch and learn.

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Amanda Duckworth
A Charmed life

Looking at him now, it's amazing how much Silver Charm's story has weaved in and out of my own.

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In the Gate: Horse Racing Podcasts
Strangers in Paradise

Horsemen in Florida scramble for stalls after the Churchill Downs-owned Calder Race Course begins partial redevelopment of property.

Natural Selection

Hall of Fame jockey Julie Krone discusses the Parelli approach to so-called "natural horsemanship" and her work with A.C.T.T. equine therapy. Charlsie Cantey analyzes.

Sharing the Wealth

Is Virginia horsemen's not-for-profit management proposal a new prototype? We discuss with Sherwood Chillingworth (Oak Tree), Dennis Drazin (Monmouth), & Tim Ritvo (Gulfstream).